Luanne Cameron’s 110 Philosophy

Ever have an idea for a book you'd like to write? When it happened to Luanne Cameron, she grabbed hold of her idea and turned it into a reality. Her book The 110 Philosophy was published in January 2020. It's all about the principles she uses to guide her through life, one that is now impacted by a global pandemic.

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Shelter in place in NYC

My nephew and his family live in New York City, where streets usually crowded with vehicles and people are now empty and quiet. They've been isolated at home for several weeks now, with no end in sight. Their usual routines don't work anymore, so together, they've built some new ones.

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Let’s do this

Words of wisdom from my husband Barry: Being resourceful, gathering and sharing information (from credible sources) and visualizing that inevitable time ahead when things will be better helps us to be resilient. Read what else he has to say about trying to make the best of a challenging situation.

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How are you holding up?

As we all try to grapple with being isolated, some people are doing better than others. It's a difficult time and one that Val Walker never anticipated when she wrote her book (out today) 400 Friends and No One to Call. We spoke on the phone recently and she shared how she came to write the book, as well as some wisdom about dealing with our current situation.

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COVID-19’s impact on a small business

The threat of COVID-19 has turned our world(s) upside down. People isolated at home, some working, some out of a job, some not well, many feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. Pete Smith's story is that the business he and his partner Gudrun worked so hard to build is now closed. But as you'll see, Pete's an optimist.

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Bright Side March 14, 2020

Having trouble sleeping lately? I am. Seems all I can think about is COVID-19. I feel caught between wanting to learn as much as I can and wanting to turn everything off. But I received a few unexpected gifts today that brightened up my attitude. I'd like to share them with you.

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COVID-19 and another way to say I love you

All across the country and here in Maine, events are being canceled or postponed, people are being encouraged to stay home, when possible, they are working from home, classes are being offered online. The list grows minute by minute. Alongside these measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 is the risk that some people will feel disconnected from their loved ones. One example, those who live in long-term care facilities and nursing homes that are now closed to visitors.

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Trevor Maxwell mans up to cancer

The story of a man whose life took a dark turn when he learned he had Stage IV colorectal cancer. Because of the love and support of his family he was able to pull himself out of that dark place. The key was realizing that he couldn't do it alone. Now he is providing support to other men with cancer.

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Vet to Vet Maine

Maine has one of the highest percentages of veterans in the nation. Many who are over 65 are living alone or with aging spouses and feel isolated from the community. Vet to Vet Maine matches volunteers who are themselves veterans with veterans who are experiencing loneliness and isolation. It makes a huge difference.

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Words of wisdom for the new year

You can't live too long without learning a life lesson or two. By the time you hit 60 and beyond, it's likely you've learned quite a few. Start off the new year with some words of wisdom from the people I interviewed this past year for my Conversations About Aging podcast.

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