Vet to Vet Maine

Maine has one of the highest percentages of veterans in the nation. Many who are over 65 are living alone or with aging spouses and feel isolated from the community. Vet to Vet Maine matches volunteers who are themselves veterans with veterans who are experiencing loneliness and isolation. It makes a huge difference.

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Words of wisdom for the new year

You can't live too long without learning a life lesson or two. By the time you hit 60 and beyond, it's likely you've learned quite a few. Start off the new year with some words of wisdom from the people I interviewed this past year for my Conversations About Aging podcast.

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Shall we go to Ireland?

I've heard so many people say that as soon as they retire, they plan to travel. Well, recently, I met a woman who's long past retirement age and she's not just taking trips, she's leading them — to the land of her birth. Ireland.

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Hair Matters

People often don't realize how devastating it is to lose all your hair during cancer treatments. Debby Porter understands and that's why she started a program called Hair Matters. Because it does.

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The Crabby Old Man

A poem called "The Crabby Old Man" has made the rounds for years. It turns out the story behind the poem is not accurate, but it still contains a useful message. He may seem crabby, but the man is simply feeling lonely, isolated, invisible, and depressed.

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On healing a moral injury

Have you ever done or witnessed something that made you feel sick inside because it violated your moral code? And ever since you seem lost and maybe even broken? There's a term for what you may be feeling — moral injury — and Volunteers of America Northern New England is trying to do something about it.

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Test your balance

Let's face it. As we age, a lot of things don't work quite as well as they used to. Balance, for instance, can be an issue. But guess what? There are ways to assess and lower your risk of losing your balance and falling.

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