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COVID-19: which habits to keep, which ones to ditch

As we prepare for our pared-down Thanksgiving celebrations, COVID rages on across the country. With vaccines on the horizon, it's possible to imagine life returning to "normal" again. Dr. Dora Anne Mills considers the habits we've had to develop and what will happen to them.

Fred Craigie on living a meaningful, joyful, and peaceful life

What does it mean to be you? If that seems like a question that would require deep reflection, you are right. It's exactly what psychologist Dr. Fred Craigie is inviting us to do. In this Catching Health podcast, he has a wealth of questions to help lead us along a path of self-reflection and he has a new book that we should certainly take along on our journey.

Managing motherhood when you have MCAS, POTS, and hEDS

Crystal Goodwin had always wanted to be a mother. Because she has some significant health issues, she knew it would be a challenge. She was right, but she has a lot of support and is looking forward to a little bit more.

Postpartum depression happens to dads, too

It's not unusual for new mothers to experience postpartum depression after giving birth. But what about new fathers? Can they, too, have postpartum depression? Definitely.

Looking forward to the future one scarf at a time

When COVID forced a lockdown in London in early March, Hazell Jacobs knew she had to find something to help her cope. She found inspiration in her vast scarf collection and decided to write a blog about them. Its title Scarf Aid is an apt one. The stories about her scarves that she has been weaving since March have brought comfort not only to Hazell but to her growing list of followers. This is Hazell's story.