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Quitting smoking during the pandemic

What do you think? Would now, in the middle of a pandemic, be a good time to quit smoking? Maybe, since your usual routine may already be disrupted. Here are some pros and cons from a man who quit in May and some helpful resources if you want to try.

COVID-19: Our actions matter

As deaths from COVID-19 climb upward, it is on track to become the third leading cause of death in the U.S. for 2020. Our actions can move us in either direction, says Dr. Dora Mills. Our actions matter.

COVID-19 in 2020: Cleaning up from atop my soapbox

How do we make sense of what we know about COVID-19? What's true, what's not? How do we cope with our new realities? If we can't change things on a grand scale, what can we do in our corner of the world? These are a few of the questions Nancy Flagg has been pondering lately.

How to wear and care for your mask

You might think it's pretty straightforward. Put on a mask when you'll be around other people and store it where you can find it for the next time. Only there are some important steps and tips that you should know about. Here they are.