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Conversations About Aging: Bill Green, 65

Join me for a conversation with Bill Green, a familiar face on Maine television for more than 40 years. This time the stories he's telling are mostly about himself, including what his plans are for the next chapter of his life.

Where you can pick strawberries in Maine

What's more delicious than freshly picked strawberries? Here's the 2019 Catching Health list of where you can pick strawberries in Maine.

Chiari malformation — ever heard of it before?

It seemed as if one day 13-year-old Heidi Fox could run like the wind and two weeks later she couldn't. The cause was a rare condition called Chiari malformation.

Conversations About Aging: Lavon Harris, 100

Lavon Harris is grateful to have lived as long as she has — 100 years! She considers herself healthy, happy, and also sad because you can't live without some sadness in your heart. She shares her joys and her sadness in this episode of Conversations About Aging, a Catching Health podcast.

Getting your affairs in order

It's so easy to procrastinate about things, especially when they involve matters you'd rather not think about. Like not being able to speak or act on your own behalf. Or dying. But getting your affairs in order while you still can is a smart thing to do and we've got some useful information on how to get started.

How to make your fascia glide again

Stiff when you wake up, get out of a chair, climb the stairs? You think it's just your age, but maybe your fascia needs some attention. What's that? Let's find out.