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The luxury of unexpected time

We all have our own perspectives on the effects of COVID-19 on our lives. I am grateful to have this blog where I can share information and people's stories, including my own sometimes. This short story comes from Sister Miriam Therese Callnan.

How are you holding up?

As we all try to grapple with being isolated, some people are doing better than others. It's a difficult time and one that Val Walker never anticipated when she wrote her book (out today) 400 Friends and No One to Call. We spoke on the phone recently and she shared how she came to write the book, as well as some wisdom about dealing with our current situation.

COVID-19’s impact on a small business

The threat of COVID-19 has turned our world(s) upside down. People isolated at home, some working, some out of a job, some not well, many feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. Pete Smith's story is that the business he and his partner Gudrun worked so hard to build is now closed. But as you'll see, Pete's an optimist.

COVID-19: Maine update 3/24/2020

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, including in Maine and the rest of the United States, the information we receive can sometimes be misleading and/or confusing. That's why it's important to get it from a trusted source. One of mine is Dr. Dora Anne Mills.

Conversations About Aging: Wayne Newell, 77

Wayne Newell is a Passamaquoddy Indian Man who was born and raised on the Pleasant Point Indian Reservation in Maine. After getting a master's degree at Harvard he and his family made their home on the nearby Indian Township Reservation, where he taught until his retirement in 2012. Although struggling with health issues, Wayne's mind and spirit are going strong. I hope you enjoy and will learn from our conversation. I did.