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Conversations About Aging: Mary Hamblen, 98

Try to imagine living to 98 years old. Mary Hamblen didn't and yet, it happened. She's had a good life filled with ups and downs. You just have to go with it, she says. We talked about her life, her thoughts about being older, and her last car, which she misses a lot.

Strong to the core

Most of the movements we make originate in our cores — from putting on our shoes to playing a sport. Where exactly is your core and how can we make it strong. Watch our short videos to learn more.

How to keep your brain fit

We do all kinds of things to exercise our bodies and keep them strong and healthy. Here are some tips on how to keep our brains fit as well.

Hot vegan options for Portland school lunches

When you're a vegan and your school doesn't serve anything vegan for lunch, it can make you feel pretty left out. But now vegan is on the menu for students in Portland, Maine's elementary schools. That's good news for a lot of kids and parents.

Conversations About Aging: Bill Saltzer, 93

It's not easy giving up your independence and moving into an assisted living facility. That's what Bill Saltzer decided to do. He talks about the challenges and also reminisces about being a Marine during WWII.