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For the love of Brussels sprouts

Guess what vegetable is almost always found on lists of "most-hated vegetables?" Brussels sprouts! (Turnips also tend to make the list.) They used to be one of my least favorite vegetables. Not anymore. How you cook them is the key and I've got a recipe for you.

DCIS — five-year checkup

Since I found out I had DCIS five years ago, I have talked with many women who also have DCIS. It's considered stage 0 breast cancer, but that doesn't mean there are zero risks. This is my story.

Conversations About Aging: Vikki Choate, 62

Vikki Choate told me that when she hit 50, something magical happened — things that used to bother her didn’t anymore. In this episode of Conversations About Aging, we talked about her view on life and how she is preparing for the future. Hint: it doesn't include retirement.


When Bob got scammed, he felt terrible. Instead of keeping it to himself, he decided to warn other people by sharing his experience.

A tribute to WWII veteran Leona Chasse

When she was 20 years old, Leona Bright Chasse joined the Navy. She served during World War II. The work Leona did was top secret until just a few years ago. She was a Code Girl.

Eat your carrots

Found a bag of carrots on our porch last night. Straight from a friend's garden. Guess what we had for dinner?