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What happens to your veins as you age

Our veins change with age, but no matter what risks you might have or how old you are, living with venous disease is not a foregone conclusion. Learn about common conditions and modern treatments and techniques that get you on your feet again.

The truth about women and retirement

One of the truths about women and retirement is that everyone's story is different. Some women don't know what they'll do with their lives when they stop working and for others, it's their chance to start fulfilling their dreams.

October surprises about the COVID-19 pandemic

We've learned some important, potentially life-saving, facts about COVID-19 since the pandemic descended upon the world. We get some of the details from Dr. Dora Anne Mills. She calls them October surprises.

Finding new ways to honor passed loved ones during COVID

We've all read the stories or had a personal experience with not being allowed to see loved ones who are in the hospital, a nursing home, or assisted living facility. Especially heart wrenching is not being able to gather around when a loved one is dying or to honor them afterward.

Add some yoga poses to your life

As the days get shorter and cooler forcing people to hunker down inside, getting regular exercise can be a challenge. But not impossible. For instance, how about signing up for an online yoga class?