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A recipe for Triple Triple Brittle

Looking for a quick and easy dessert that satisfies a sweet tooth but might be a healthier choice than say, those fudgy brownies you love so much? Try this recipe. Simple enough that it could be whipped up by a pre-schooler.

Conversations About Aging: Ann Quinlan, 81

She's got a lilt in her voice and a twinkle in her eyes. The time flew by as I sat and talked with Ann Quinlan for the latest conversation about aging. She's certainly not going to let a few decades (like about eight) get in the way of her enjoying life to its fullest. Settle in for some stories.

Doctors who don’t offer condolences when a patient dies

Why is it that when a patient dies, loved ones may never hear from the doctor or other members of the medical team? Even when the patient is under treatment and has a close bond with the team. It happened to this Maine woman and it made her so angry she decided to share her story.

Why does my heel hurt when I get up in the morning?

If you want to wear flip flops or stilettos or slippers, fine. But don't climb any mountains or your feet, especially your heels, will be crying out in pain. Learn what else can lead to heel pain and what to do about it.