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Conversations About Aging: Peesh, 76

Peesh wants to move and Paul wants to stay right where they are. How is this couple, who are now in their 70s, handling this conundrum? We talked about it and more in this episode of Conversations About Aging, a Catching Health podcast.

Building a new kidney from skin cells

Imagine taking cells from a person's skin and using them to build a new kidney. That's what's happening at MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. Someday, the process could save people's lives.

The environment and its link to cancer rates in Maine

The environment you live and work in can either enhance your health or put you at risk of certain diseases, such as cancer. Learn the facts about two cancers that have been linked to environmental factors in Maine.

Conversations About Aging: Jack, 74

During a serious episode of depression that landed him in the hospital two years ago, Jack found out just out important friends can be. Good medicine and good friends made all the difference. We talk about that and a lot more in Conversations About Aging, a Catching Health podcast.

So … you’ve never exercised before

Come on now, winter is over. No more excuses for not exercising. And if you've never ever exercised before, you can't use that for an excuse, either. We've got some tips for you.

Recipes for your senses

Sights and tastes to behold. Sharing some highlights from a recent vacation with friends.