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Easy blueberry recipes

Blueberries. What isn't there to appreciate about blueberries? They're delicious, easy to eat, full of nutrition, and beautiful to behold. AND there's so much you can do with them — here are a few recipes.

Portland Area Villages: Making a difference

As people age, a common scenario is family members worry that home is no longer a safe place to live and the person growing older wants to stay put. A little bit of extra help might make that possible. That's where Portland Area Villages comes in.

Warning: Too much time in the heat can make you sick

It's going to be wicked hot in Maine this weekend. In the 90s and high humidity could make it feel even hotter. Stay cool and take a minute to learn about heat-related illnesses, their symptoms and what to do if someone has any. (Pets, too.)

Conversations About Aging: Shirley Weaver, 82

When I decided to launch Conversations About Aging, I contacted lots of people and organizations for recommendations on individuals I might interview. One of them was Jess Maurer, Executive Director of the Maine Council on Aging. One of her recommendations was Shirley Weaver. "In her 80s, a force to be reckoned with — a must interview!" I took her advice. Listen to my conversation about aging with Shirley Weaver, 82. She IS a force to be reckoned with.

Where you can pick blueberries in Maine

If you want to go blueberry picking in Maine this summer, you're in luck. Check out the 2019 Catching Health list of where you can pick blueberries in Maine. It would be a fun thing to do with your kids or grandkids!

The joyful sounds of the FLUKES

Imagine walking into a roomful of people strumming and singing a happy tune. Your worries would melt away in an instant. Your toes would start tapping and your face would break into a smile. It happened to me when I heard the ukulele band The FLUKES.