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Coping with the pandemic has its highs and lows

Most of the time I think I'm doing ok, even better than ok. I don't really mind staying home and have plenty of projects to keep me busy and opportunities to connect with other people. But out of the blue, I can suddenly feel almost overwhelming sadness and despair. One minute the sun is shining and the next, it's a downpour.

Lessons from abroad and from here in Maine

Dr. Dora Anne Mills takes a look at what has been happening with the pandemic in other countries and reviews lessons learned both abroad and closer to home. She warns that this fall and winter could be very challenging, but she also shares some motherly advice.

Your aging parents are getting a divorce? Now what?

Whether they were caught off guard or they've been expecting their parents to divorce for years, many adult children are rocked to the core when it actually happens. Family therapists Carol Hughes and Bruce Fredenburg have written a book called Home Will Never Be the Same Again. They did it because, in their experience, few people recognize the impact divorce can have on adult children. In this episode of the Catching Health podcast, the authors offer a useful guide for so-called adult children of gray divorce.

Tarts full of sweetness and a few life lessons

What lessons could this mouth-watering pastry teach other than sometimes it's ok to indulge in sweetness? One might be that you shouldn't be afraid to tackle a project you think you'd never be able to do. Don't hold back. Learn some Kitchen Lessons from a pro.

Painful sunburn? Look in your kitchen for quick relief

We all know that a sunburn not only hurts like you know what, it can also set the stage for problems down the road, including skin cancer. If you slipped up and stayed out in the sun a bit too long, your kitchen may provide some remedies.