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Conversations About Aging: Bill Saltzer, 93

It's not easy giving up your independence and moving into an assisted living facility. That's what Bill Saltzer decided to do. He talks about the challenges and also reminisces about being a Marine during WWII.

Garden-fresh recipes for tomatoes and zucchini

Why is it that when you plant your tomatoes and zucchini it doesn't seem like that much and when it's time to start picking there's more than you ever imagined? We've come to your rescue with lots of recipes and a few tips.

Oh, my aching shoulders

Do your shoulders ache sometimes? Maybe while you're on the computer or texting on your phone? Watch our short video demo of some shoulder soothing exercises.

Protect your drinking water

There are two primary ways the medications you take can get into the environment and your drinking water. Learn what they are and what you need to do right now to make sure your water is safe to drink.

Conversations About Aging: Leona Chasse, 95

Have you ever heard of the Code Girls? They were part of a top-secret mission that helped end World War II. You're about to meet one: Leona Chasse, now 95 and living in Cornish, Maine. Listen to our conversation. I think you'll be glad you did.