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Anxiety in the time of COVID (and politics)

So ... feeling anxious lately? I know I am and it's wearing on me (and likely, my husband). Fortunately, I'm open to asking for advice, and that in itself can help me calm down. Writing this blog post was also helpful. It makes me feel connected when I can share what I learn.

Understanding the impact of COVID on senior living communities

People who live in senior and assisted living communities are at increased risk when it comes to COVID because of their age and the likelihood they have underlying health issues. How these communities tackle keeping residents and staff safe during the pandemic can be either life-saving or life-threatening. I look at one company that has been trying hard to get it right.

Catherine Gentile, author

Listen to my conversation (there's also a transcript available) with Maine author Catherine Gentile. Her latest book, Small Lies was just released. We talk about the stories in it, including the lie we tell ourselves about aging, and we talk about Alzheimer's' — which both of our mothers had — and how to possibly prevent this horrible disease.

What happens to your veins as you age

Our veins change with age, but no matter what risks you might have or how old you are, living with venous disease is not a foregone conclusion. Learn about common conditions and modern treatments and techniques that get you on your feet again.