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The importance of being in control

It's challenging enough for people with chronic conditions to manage their health and navigate a complicated healthcare system. Because of COVID, many people are isolated and disconnected, which creates even more challenges. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, a program called Ibis is helping people stay connected and manage their health from home.

Will your relationship survive the pandemic?

COVID-19 has changed our personal relationships in a big way. We are separated from some of the people we love and thrown together 24/7 with others. Either situation takes its toll. In this blog post, we look at the stress too much togetherness can cause and offer some professional advice.

COVID-19 Maine update on reopening schools

Is it safe for schools to reopen in the fall? At this stage of the pandemic, there is no way to know. We can, however, learn from the experiences of other countries. Dr. Dora Mills makes some comparisons and looks at what scientists understand so far about COVID transmission in school-aged children.

Where you can pick blueberries in Maine

If you want to go blueberry picking this summer, you're in luck. Check out the 2020 Catching Health list of where you can pick blueberries in Maine. I updated as much as I could, but you should check ahead to make sure your favorite farm is open this year or to see what COVID-19 restrictions may be in place.

Enjoying challenges, staying grounded

For Tim Hayes, the COVID-19 pandemic became a reality on a Friday the 13th. The school he works in closed and within a matter of days, everything was happening online, including counseling students, which is what Tim does. From time to time, he's also had to do a bit of self-counseling. Either way, he always offers a blend of compassion and optimism.