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Embracing the positive

"We teach best what we most need to learn." A quote that has helped guide Patrica Raskin throughout her life. She wears many hats, but in her job as a radio show host, she learns a lot from the people she interviews. What interests her most is how to maintain a positive attitude.

Trying to stay connected from afar

Bill Saltzer lives in Maine and the rest of his family is scattered around the country. Seeing each other in person was already difficult. but because of COVID-19, it's now an impossibility. His son writes about the challenges of trying to stay connected.

How staying at home can lead to back pain

If you've been staying at home because of the pandemic, do you find yourself being more active or less? Either way, you may be putting yourself at risk of hurting your back. Here are some prevention and treatment tips from physical therapist Jason Adour.

Where you can pick strawberries in Maine

Strawberry season — time to go picking! Here's the 2020 Catching Health list of where you can pick strawberries in Maine. I updated as much as I could, but you should check ahead to make sure your favorite farm is open this year or to see what COVID-19 restrictions may be in place.

Fresh out of the oven — rosemary focaccia

Who doesn't love the smell of baking bread? Since COVID-19 has kept me home, I've baked quite a few loaves. Want to fill your home with the scent and your belly with the deliciousness? Here's a recipe for rosemary focaccia.

Structure, purpose, and activity

Everybody has a story to tell about how they are coping with the pandemic. This one comes from my brother-in-law Russ, who writes that among other things, riding his bike and creating art help keep him on firm ground.