Recent Stories

Motivation to move!

Been a little lax when it comes to getting regular exercise? You're not alone. Some people have figured out a routine that works for them, but others are struggling. If that's you, here's some motivation and a few how-to videos.

COVID-19 Maine update 6/8/2020

Dr. Dora Anne Mills usually informs us about the current situation with COVID-19. But in this update, she writes about the connection between the pandemic and the recent protests and where it might lead.

Pejj Nunes and her Shibui Found Image Art

Follow the lines, the shapes, the colors in this image. When I do, I am mesmerized and calmed. The image was created by Maine artist Pejj Nunes, who wants to teach her method as a form of art therapy. It's called Shibui Found Image Art and because of COVID-19, she now has to develop a different way of teaching than she had planned.

The good, the bad, and the wild

George Smith, the consummate outdoorsman, now spends most of his time inside. Because of COVID-19, yes, but also because he has ALS. I'm sure George has his moments, but he manages to meet them with grace and humor.

Opening up about re-opening

This is a story about finding humor in a complicated, confusing, anxiety-provoking situation. Determined to go by the book when she re-opened her acupuncture practice, Meret Bainbridge was blindsided by something unexpected that happened. She invites us all to laugh with her.

A challenging time

Dr. Fred Craigie teaches and writes about spirituality and says he often talks about what it means “to live a good life.” He contemplates his own answer to the question during these extraordinary times.