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Fitness tips for your knees

If your knee hurts, you might think you need to give it a good rest. In some cases, just the opposite is true. Check out these tips and videos and learn how to keep your knees in good shape.

Easy blueberry recipes

Blueberries. What isn't there to appreciate about blueberries? They're delicious, easy to eat, full of nutrition, and beautiful to behold. AND there's so much you can do with them — here are a few recipes.

Portland Area Villages: Making a difference

As people age, a common scenario is family members worry that home is no longer a safe place to live and the person growing older wants to stay put. A little bit of extra help might make that possible. That's where Portland Area Villages comes in.

Warning: Too much time in the heat can make you sick

It's going to be wicked hot in Maine this weekend. In the 90s and high humidity could make it feel even hotter. Stay cool and take a minute to learn about heat-related illnesses, their symptoms and what to do if someone has any. (Pets, too.)