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Citrus Spinach Salad

I have a recipe for you that is delicious and healthy, along with good things to know about a Mediterranean diet AND what I learned about pomegranates.

Shall we go to Ireland?

I've heard so many people say that as soon as they retire, they plan to travel. Well, recently, I met a woman who's long past retirement age and she's not just taking trips, she's leading them — to the land of her birth. Ireland.

Hair Matters

People often don't realize how devastating it is to lose all your hair during cancer treatments. Debby Porter understands and that's why she started a program called Hair Matters. Because it does.

Conversations About Aging: Tom Antonik, 63

When Tom Antonik was diagnosed with AIDS in the late 80s, he expected to die a young man. All around him, people he cared about were dying and he never dreamed that he might have a different fate. But he did and he's now old enough to share his personal perspective on aging.

Andy’s insomnia stretch

I think everyone has insomnia from time to time. Strength coach Andy Wight takes a break from exercising to show us a move designed to help you relax and hopefully, get a good night's sleep.