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Two turbulent threats and transitions

Dr. Dora Anne Mills reflects on "two seismic events - the pandemic and the threats to our democracy" and answers questions about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

How to move toward mindful eating

Looking to start a new relationship ... with food? One place to begin is to learn about mindful eating. We've got some great tips and a free workbook to get you on your way.

Reflecting on the lessons of 2020

In this thoughtful essay, in which she reflects on the past and looks to the future, Dr. Dora Anne Mills writes that she chose to spend New Year's weekend living in the present. It was a good place to be, she said.

An inspiring conversation about aging with Liz Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson is not only curious about things — lots of things — she actually pursues most of them. She's an interesting, energetic, inspiring woman. Find out for yourself in this episode of the Catching Health podcast.