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How to do a proper plank and push-up

Want to get stronger? Try doing some planks. We've got a quick video demo for you. And while you're down on the floor, why not do a few push-ups, too.

Flu season has arrived!

Leaves are falling, temperatures, too. Autumn in Maine heralds the beginning of flu season. Are you planning to get a flu shot?

Racing, concussions, and the road to recovery

Watch the video of a discussion between retired NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr and Dr. Micky Collins, the concussion specialist who gave Dale his life back. It's chock-full of important information.

Conversations About Aging: Ernie DeRaps, 91

At one time, Ernie DeRaps was a lighthouse keeper in Maine. After retirement, at age 80, he became an artist. What do you think he painted? Mostly lighthouses, of course! I hope you enjoy our conversation.