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How to soothe a browntail moth caterpillar rash

A painful, itchy, gross rash. That about sums up what can happen if you come in contact with the hairs of a browntail moth caterpillar. We've got some remedies that may help to settle things down.

View from Maine COVID update: Never lose hope

This COVID update from Dr. Dora Anne Mills is just what my soul has needed. "There are days when I find it very hard to maintain hope," she writes, and then goes on to share stories of what her parents' generation endured. Maybe her words will do your soul good, too.

All about getting the right compression stockings

I recently helped my sister-in-law find some compression stockings that were fun as well as functional. The experience was so confusing at first that I decided to talk with a vein specialist and write this blog post.