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Painful sunburn? Look in your kitchen for quick relief

We all know that a sunburn not only hurts like you know what, it can also set the stage for problems down the road, including skin cancer. If you slipped up and stayed out in the sun a bit too long, your kitchen may provide some remedies.

Our Wisdom Years and how to make the most of them

How can you grow older with joy, fulfillment, resilience, and no regrets? You could begin by reading the book Our Wisdom Years by psychologist Dr. Charles Garfield. Instead of fighting against aging or later life as he calls it, he suggests that we embrace the opportunity to live a more meaningful life. His book provides a roadmap that is guaranteed to lead you down a road of adventure and deep reflection. Listen to our conversation and learn more.

Conversations About Aging: Jim Mardin, 98

At 98, Jim Mardin has led an incredible life, and he intends to keep on living it for several more years. We had our conversation shortly before COVID-19 forced him to stop his three days a week volunteer job. He still drives, takes no medications, enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, and loves sharing stories about his life. He is kind, optimistic, curious, unafraid, and very entertaining.

Quitting smoking during the pandemic

What do you think? Would now, in the middle of a pandemic, be a good time to quit smoking? Maybe, since your usual routine may already be disrupted. Here are some pros and cons from a man who quit in May and some helpful resources if you want to try.