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Conversations About Aging: Leona, 92

Conversations About Aging is a podcast about .... aging. I am traveling the state of Maine talking to people 60+ about their perspectives on growing older. Leona, who is 92, lives in the largest city — Portland. There's plenty to do there but one major challenge makes it difficult for her to get around. It's not her age.

Here, let me help you out of that chair

If you ever find yourself having trouble getting up out of a chair (or know someone else who does) you'll want to read these helpful tips.

Dana’s near death experience

A trip to the ER that Dana Scammon thought would be a quick one turned into an intense fight for her life. She suffered some significant losses in the 45 days she spent in the hospital. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she's grateful for what she gained.

A fitness win-win

Liz wanted to get in shape but didn't want to go to the gym. Peggy wants to have a career as a personal trainer. Read how they're helping each other out.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wondering what to give your sweetie or yourself for Valentine's Day? (I'm a big believer in giving yourself presents.) Make your gift a little more special by making it yourself. Here are two ideas.

Conversations About Aging: Donato Tramuto

Conversations About Aging is an exciting new Catching Health podcast series. This first episode explains the why behind the series and includes an interview with the man who inspired me to embark on this adventure. Let's get the conversation started!