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So … you’ve never exercised before

Come on now, winter is over. No more excuses for not exercising. And if you've never ever exercised before, you can't use that for an excuse, either. We've got some tips for you.

Recipes for your senses

Sights and tastes to behold. Sharing some highlights from a recent vacation with friends.

Did you know? Adults need their shots, too!

My dad had shingles and ended up with unrelenting nerve pain. That's why I didn't hesitate to get the new shingles vaccine. Neither did my husband. It's not the only vaccine recommended for adults. We've got the whole list for you.

Heart problems made her afraid until she got up and started moving

When Kelly David was diagnosed with two life-threatening heart conditions, she became afraid and depressed. It took a while but she finally decided being afraid was no way to live. When you read her story, you'll not only cheer her on, you might also be motivated to start moving, too.

Updating colorectal cancer screening guidelines and insurance coverage

A Bill in the Maine legislature would update insurance coverage for colorectal cancer screenings. The updates are in line with new guidelines from the American Cancer Society. Get details about both on Catching Health.

Conversations About Aging: Emma, 86

Emma celebrated her 86th birthday in early March. The month before marked the first anniversary of her husband Warren's death. We talk about the beginning and the end of their long life together in the latest episode of Conversations About Aging, a Catching Health podcast.