For the past three months I’ve been taking some courses at the University of Southern Maine. It has been a wonderful, wonderful experience and the beginning of a journey that I expect will take several years. The end goal is a degree in fine arts, but I’m much more interested in what I get to do along the way. Create, learn new things, meet new people, be exposed to new ideas. If you’re interested, I’m writing a blog about my adventure. It’s called mylatestart.

One of the things I’ve already learned is that I may only be able to take one course a semester because right now I’m also committed to my work — writing Catching Health, among other things. Taking two classes, one that meets all day long every Monday and another that meets every Tuesday and Thursday morning, has messed up my normal routine. So … what do you suppose I’ve given up these past three months? Something I probably need more than anything. Regular morning walks with my sister Debi. I preach about doing healthy things and taking care of yourself, and look at me — I obviously don’t always practice what I preach.

Well, this morning Debi and I finally got to walk together and it reminded me that taking time out for yourself is really important. It was a glorious morning and I felt like sharing some pictures (even if I didn’t get to until after dark!) Come along with us. I hope you’ll be inspired to go for a walk or do something else that you find relaxing or makes you happy.

Train tracks

The spot of orange is my sister Debi, with her dog Triscuit

Train tracks

Frost on train tracks

Path to the water

Well-worn path

Reeds next to pond

Triscuit tracking imagined ducks

Sun through the trees


Slightly frozen pond

Beautiful, but beware of black ice

Sister silhouettes

Sister silhouettes

My, that was a nice walk and I feel lucky because I got to enjoy it all over again as I posted these pictures. Glad you could come along with us!


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