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How many times did you mother remind you to stand or sit up straight when you were growing up? I have a bad habit of hunching over when I’m at the computer. Now it’s my own voice that is always scolding me.

Good posture is important. That’s why on day five of Seven Days of Love Andy Wight from AW Strength & Conditioning is showing us an exercise that will not only help improve your posture, it will also strengthen the muscles in your upper back.

Every good training program needs to have an exercise that works your back muscles and at home, this is one of the hardest areas to train. The isometric bent over row will work your upper back muscles along with your arms.

On a side note, performing exercises for your upper back is really important because it helps build a great deal of full body strength but more importantly will help with posture (which we all need!!)

In the video, I am using a nylon strap, but this can be performed with a belt or towel or rope. Starting in a split stance, I place the strap under my front foot and hinge forward at my waist keeping my back flat. I grab on to the straps and pull up firmly creating a lot of tension and firmly hold this position. Hold the tension for a certain amount of time and slowly increase the time as it becomes easier.

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Andy will demonstrate another simple exercise tomorrow. Our Valentine’s gift to you! If you’re looking for more of a challenge, check out AW’s Facebook page for more videos.