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It’s day three of Seven Days of Love. So far, Andy Wight from AW Strength & Conditioning has demonstrated how to do an easy squat and how to get started with push-ups. Today he shows us how to do a plank.

Front Plank: The front plank is a great anterior core, anti-extension exercise. To get into position, start on your elbows which are lined up directly under your shoulders. Much like the push-ups, you can be on your knees or on your toes depending on your fitness level (being on your toes being more difficult). Holding this position, think about pulling your belly button into your spine and squeezing your midsection (abs). If you’re not feeling it completely through your midsection, your hips may be too high, but if you’re feeling a little pressure in your lower back then your hips are too low. The goal is to find the Goldilocks Zone. Hold this position for a time and increase the time as the exercise becomes easier.

Your turn

How easy is that! Andy will demonstrate another simple exercise tomorrow. Our Valentine’s gift to you! If you’re looking for more of a challenge, check out AW’s Facebook page for more videos.