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Seven Days of Love is all about loving yourself. What better way to show yourself some love than by adding some exercise to your daily routine.

Why exercise?

Here are seven good reasons regular exercise is good for us.

  1. It burns calories, so helps you maintain a healthy weight.
  2. It helps prevent or control all kinds of health problems, including high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and depression.
  3. It releases brain chemicals that help relieve stress and improve your outlook on life.
  4. If it’s weight-bearing, it strengthens your bones
  5. It boosts your energy.
  6. It helps you sleep better.
  7. It can improve your sex life.

Seven Days of Love

I’ve been working with Andy Wight, a personal trainer at AW Strength & Conditioning since the beginning of January. After just a few sessions, I noticed that I had more energy and now I’m feeling much stronger.

I love working with Andy at the gym, but we both realize it’s not something that everyone is able to do. So … we teamed up to make it easy for you.

Every day for the next seven days (ending on Valentine’s Day) Andy is going to show you how to do a simple exercise. In this first video, he demonstrates how to do a squat, with and without a bench. (If you want to see how not to do one, read my blog post Feeling Stronger, Feeling Sore.)

This first video is a squat to a bench. The focus is setting up with feet roughly hip width to shoulder width apart, staying tall with the upper body and sitting back onto the bench. If you’re at home, you can substitute the bench for a chair or the couch. As you can see in the video you want to sit back

As you can see in the video you want to sit back onto the bench and then push through your feet to come back to a standing position. The goal is to try not to rock and use the momentum to stand. Once you have mastered squatting to the bench, the next step is to squat to the bench and slightly touch. The final step is to move away from the bench and perform a body weight squat.

Your turn

How easy is that! Andy will demonstrate another simple exercise tomorrow. Our Valentine’s gift to you! If you’re looking for more of a challenge, check out AW Strength & Conditioning’s Facebook page for more videos.