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Luanne Cameron and I served on a committee together once and I remember one meeting, in particular, during which we were brainstorming creative ideas. While each of us participated, it was Luanne who captured my attention most strongly. Not only was she full of good ideas, but she also exuded positive positive energy. I swear I could see it emanating from her like a beautiful aura.

I know some of Luanne’s story and I have to say, it amazes me that she has such a can-do positive attitude. For one thing, she’s had some serious health issues. Breast cancer, major surgery on both feet that required weeks and weeks of recovery in casts, in bed, and hyperparathyroidism that went undiagnosed for many years. You can read about that last issue in this blog post I wrote a few years ago: Don’t ignore a slightly high calcium level. It could mean hyperparathyroidism. Luanne also had a difficult childhood.

So … how does she manage to exude such positive energy even during difficult times? As you will read in her story, it’s not always easy, but along the way, Luanne developed some strategies to help her through what she calls life’s ups and downs. One of her mottos is “Keep it moving” because she doesn’t like to stay stuck in indecisiveness and negativity. Even if she’s moving at a turtle’s pace. She says when she realizes she is getting bogged down in a matter, she tries to go right into problem-solving mode.

Luanne came up with a name for her approach to life — the 110 Philosophy. The name comes partly from a goal she set for herself. She plans to live to 110! She also always tries to give 110 percent. And that’s why a few years ago when people began asking her over and over again about she manages things so well, she decided it was time to write a book. Titled, of course, The 110 Philosophy.

The 110 Philosophy™ is an approach to life that will help you manage through all challenges, both personal and professional.

From The 110 Philosophy website
110 Philosophy cover

She also refers to her philosophy as the Turtle Philosophy and uses an image of a turtle in her logo and the book’s cover. As her book travels around the world, so does the turtle.

About a week ago, Luanne shared on Facebook how her 110 philosophy helped her deal with a recent experience related to COVID-19. I thought it might help other people having their own “moments”. I also thought it was a good opportunity for Luanne to talk a little bit about her book, which is now available. Congratulations, Luanne, for sharing your challenges and your successes with us and for not only having a great idea — “I think I’ll write a book” — but also for actually doing it and getting it published. Wow. If that isn’t 110 percent, I don’t know what is!

Here’s Luanne’s story:

My story!

Luanne Cameron manuscript
Editing the final draft/November 2019

Why did I write a book when I don’t read them? 

When I started this “FUN” idea I had no idea of the health challenges that were coming my way. I started writing it three months prior to my breast cancer diagnosis — the 110 Philosophy trademark approval was literally, just one month before.  

I started this book because of my personal “Guiding Principles” that you will learn about when you read my book! I had a solid understanding of where I was going in life:

~I was what I thought “Healthy”
~I had a wonderful husband
~I had an amazing family
~I had amazingly FUN friends
~I had a solid career!

But I wasn’t truly happy. Why? 

I realized I was not meeting my expectations for personal life “Happiness”, which is the 5th of my five guiding principles. I utilized the techniques or mental tools that I share in the book to figure out what was off. This technique made it very clear why I wasn’t feeling satisfied, fulfilled, challenged or simply stated “HAPPY” even though I was a successful small business owner. 

It was because I was missing out on a chance to help more people make changes that could improve their lives — to have a large impact and to experience the good energy that comes with helping people make positive changes a reality.  So I set out to adjust things with the help of my office manager, Flora Bayley, who randomly asked me the simple question of accountability: “So Luanne, when are you going to write your book?” Because of her question, the ‘ah-hah’ moment happened! I thought I might just be the perfect author because if I could write a book that caught my attention to read – then EVERYONE might read it! And the new journey began. That day I  committed to writing this “profound” 110-page success RECIPE with all the exact ingredients needed to make lemonade out of lemons!

The VISION for my book is to make the world “Happier” which will lead to more peace and JOY!

Just imagine — as Walt Disney would say, “ It’s fun imagining the impossible!”

My personal goal is to help 110 individuals, BUT at the end of the day — I know it helped ME be my “BEST” me!  

Luanne’s recent 110 Philosophy Moment

This is the experience that Luanne recently shared with her friends and followers:

I, who has incredible mind grit … had a very, SAD, I mean really SAD day last Thursday, but no reason for it, right???? I’m finally healthy after an acute illness of 5.5 years, I’m running again, I am a published author, I’ve got a job, my husband and children have jobs, I’m a new grandma, the list goes on …

The Turtle Philosophy is all about turning crisis into learning opportunities so you remain strong to keep you on course for the vision of your life/career/ business!

So why did I have a VERY sad day last Thursday? I cried all day! And how ironic that that same day I was informed my book hit its success goal for “The 110 Philosophy”. The turtle successfully traveled to Australia. A country that is getting a double whammy right now! Why didn’t this make me happy??? WHY?????

I couldn’t really understand why and I know from my life’s experiences it’s a critical part of the “happiness equation” to really figure out why something brings you sadness and to make sure I didn’t repeat the process. I have been reflecting on it ever since!

I applied the techniques within the book and I broke the “sad cycle” immediately the next day. I know the power one gains by understanding that each and every day is a “new day” with “new attitudes”, “new begging’s”. My structure, discipline, and the power of my vision really took over! “Sad cycle” broken.

But, what psychology was also going on? So I could learn/grow from it! I believe it was true mourning of the loss of my “new normal”! I was JUST settling into my “NEW normal” of having my health challenges really behind me … and now this … COVID-19.  


Luanne Cameron iron infusion

I headed today to the big city of Portland for an iron infusion where so many individuals are having chemotherapy, their futures unknown. I sat there knowing how blessed I am to have passed the 5-year breast cancer-FREE indicator of success! This, combined with the present-day health inconvenience we are ALL experiencing has been a true contributor in stirring up quite a few emotions of the past!  (The box came tumbling off the shelf — those who have read my book will understand this humor!)

WHY iron infusions? Dx: Anemia. The doctors JUST confirmed today. All blood tests are in and they are 110% sure there are no underlying diagnoses, it’s due to donating too much blood combined with my colitis. Nothing life-threatening, just a huge inconvenience and a huge sigh of relief!

Now back to my fun jeep ride to the big city! Last night, I was advised by one of my cancer survivor brother buddies to listen to Brené Brown’s podcasts! So I knew today my jeep ride to the Cancer Treatment center would be the perfect opportunity.

The first and only Brené Brown podcast I have listened to on my travels was amazing! She confirmed my sadness is okay and “NORMAL” no matter what my direct or indirect impact of COVID -19 is! She unknowingly directly applied the techniques I outline in my book to EVERYONE’s present-day crisis!

Even if you’re not directly impacted like our front line health care individuals or the cancer chemotherapy patients, etc! This is everyone’s crisis. Not to be judged. AND if you are the parent of young children PLEASE listen up! Brené Brown is well worth the 30 minutes!

PS. So thankful for the health care providers showing up for me today and every day!!

Luanne Cameron

A message that bears repeating

COVID-19 is everyone’s crisis.

Reading Luanne’s story made me realize that no matter how well we are able to manage life’s ups and downs, there will always be moments and experiences that challenge us. In big and confusing ways. But if we can be still for a moment and listen, we will find the answers we need. Thank you, Luanne.

PS Here’s where you’ll find more information about The 110 Philosophy.