Here we are. Another new year. I haven’t talked to a single person who was sad to say goodbye to 2020. While there were certainly joyful moments, many of them, in fact, if you look at this past year as a whole, it was awful. I hardly dare to have any expectations, but I’m generally an optimistic person, so will hold on to a feather of hope that things will be better.

And in the spirit of that optimism, I compiled a rather lengthy list of things that are in no particular order, but might fall into the category of New Year’s Resolutions. Like the majority of human beings, I’ve never made a resolution that I managed to keep. That said, I am constantly trying to make improvements — in my health, my attitude, my reactions … just about everything. Some of the things on this list, I confess I have been working on forever. Some are wishful thinking. Some were inspired by other people. If you’d like to add one or more to the list, by all means, jot it down in the comment section.

Resolution inspiration

  1. Get up early and watch the sunrise
  2. Try one new healthy recipe every week/month
  3. Read a book
  4. Drink less alcohol
  5. Quit smoking
  6. Eat more vegetables
  7. Schedule your annual physical
  8. Ask your doctor what screenings you need and schedule them
  9. Get your eyes checked
  10. Get your teeth cleaned and checked
  11. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  12. Get yourself a plant
  13. Plan a vacation
  14. Try yoga
  15. Start meditating
  16. Drink more water
  17. Volunteer
  18. Sanitize your phone at least every week
  19. Declutter the most cluttered room in your space
  20. Donate clothes you no longer wear
  21. Pick up a hobby
  22. Listen to music that makes you feel like dancing
  23. Dance
  24. Sing out loud
  25. Take an actual lunch break
  26. Write a letter to someone
  27. Go for a walk as often as you can
  28. Create a calming space for you (and your family)
  29. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and try to get 8 hours of sleep
  30. Make the bed when you wake up
  31. Get a monthly massage
  32. Give yourself a high five for every little thing you accomplish
  33. Learn something new
  34. Be kind
  35. Be kind to yourself
  36. Go outside more
  37. Learn a new skill
  38. Watch less television
  39. Spend more time with the people who matter to you
  40. Pay down your debt
  41. Learn a new language
  42. Forgive someone
  43. Let go of grudges
  44. Adopt a pet
  45. Learn to cook
  46. Try to be on time
  47. Turn your hobby into a career
  48. Take a deep breath before you speak (or count to three)
  49. Take a self-defense class
  50. Remember loved ones’ birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates
  51. Start keeping a journal
  52. Clean out your refrigerator
  53. Organize your spice drawer/cabinet
  54. Contact an old friend
  55. Try a new look
  56. Listen more, talk less
  57. Stop procrastinating. Now!
  58. Practice gratitude
  59. Try a new workout
  60. Create a budget and a plan for making it stick
  61. Give yourself permission to dream big
  62. Conquer a fear
  63. Cultivate compassion
  64. Reflect on the previous year and write down what worked, what didn’t, what you’d like to keep doing, and what you’d like to leave behind
  65. Find a way to manage your stress
  66. Get involved in a cause that means something to you
  67. End a toxic relationship
  68. Organize your desk so you can be more productive
  69. Plan for your future/your retirement
  70. Frame some pictures you like and hang them
  71. Make a playlist of your favorite songs
  72. Take time for yourself
  73. Don’t be afraid to see a therapist
  74. Imagine possibilities
  75. Create new traditions with loved ones
  76. Sightsee in your own town
  77. Update your resume
  78. Take a class
  79. Go to a museum or art gallery
  80. Make a new friend
  81. Move more, sit less
  82. Plan an adventure
  83. Buy local
  84. Buy eco-friendly products
  85. Show gratitude
  86. Send written thank you notes
  87. Put things back where they belong
  88. Call your parents
  89. Consume less
  90. No more snacking
  91. Floss your teeth
  92. Develop a good habit to replace a not so good one
  93. Be open to spontaneity
  94. Do something out of the ordinary
  95. Try an online fitness class
  96. Have a notepad/pen on your nightstand for your brilliant 2 am ideas
  97. Start your day with stretches
  98. Start a daily gratitude jar or journal
  99. Go to the farmers market or join a farm share
  100. Wear sunscreen
  101. Put together an emergency kit for your car (jumper cable, blanket, spare phone charger, bandaids, non-perishable snacks, ibuprofen)
  102. Sanitize your keyboard
  103. Organize your photos
  104. Delete unused apps
  105. Lower your sugar intake
  106. Stop complaining/whining
  107. Eat one plant-based meal a day or week
  108. Go on a picnic
  109. Take a hike
  110. Go swimming
  111. Quit/cutdown eating fast food
  112. Quit /cutdown drinking soda
  113. Quit/cut down on candy
  114. Stop trying to fix other people
  115. Stop trying to solve other people’s problems
  116. Recycle trash
  117. Compost garbage
  118. Only buy what you need
  119. Clean out old emails/messages
  120. Ask for a raise
  121. Pitch your idea
  122. Learn to accept criticism
  123. Set a fitness goal
  124. Keep it simple
  125. Phone a friend instead of sending a text
  126. Confront what makes you feel anxious
  127. Schedule a weekly fun night
  128. Schedule a weekly date night with your partner
  129. Plant a garden
  130. Wear a mask
  131. Ride your bike
  132. Enjoy your own company
  133. Make eye contact
  134. Finish a project that you already started
  135. Stop late-night snacking
  136. Don’t litter
  137. Donate what you don’t need
  138. Give yourself more credit
  139. Before you go to sleep, do an honest inventory of your day
  140. Hang up a bird feeder
  141. Spend quality one on one time with each of your children every week
  142. Do a good deed every day (ask for nothing in return)
  143. Do your will and tell your family
  144. Create your end of life plan (different than a will) knowing it might change and tell your family
  145. Don’t shout, especially at your kids
  146. Learn to be patient
  147. Sign up for a race/marathon/triathlon
  148. Play with your kids
  149. Tackle a project you’ve been avoiding
  150. Say no to something
  151. Say yes to something
  152. Apply for a new job
  153. Go for a promotion
  154. Get up at the same time every morning
  155. Establish a morning routine
  156. Establish a bedtime routine
  157. Make housework and yardwork a family routine
  158. Don’t leave things until the last minute
  159. Have a place for all of your bills
  160. Keep gas in your tank
  161. Keep your keys in the same place
  162. Only answer your phone when you have to or when you have the time
  163. Stretch to keep your body flexible
  164. Let go of expectations
  165. Give compliments
  166. Don’t gossip
  167. Reduce your waste
  168. Clean out your car
  169. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know
  170. Pay it forward
  171. Think progress, not perfection
  172. Stop dwelling on the past
  173. Stop worrying about the future
  174. Practice mindfulness
  175. Go out after dark and stare at the stars/moon

Thank you

Thank you everyone for following the Catching Health blog and podcast. You make every year bright. I hope 2021 is good to you (with or without resolutions!)

Happy New Year 2021