Christie Cantara lighting the Flame of Hope at the Relay for Life in Wells

Christie Cantara lighting the Flame of Hope at the Relay for Life in Wells

Christie Cantara posted her news on Facebook in big bold letters: CANCER FREE!!!!!!! 

Her update got more than 100 likes and dozens of comments. 

  • “Well, that’s the 2 best words anyone could hear!!!! Great news!!”
  • “So happy for you … wish there was a love button!!”
  • “Congratulations!! The best news anyone could have!”
  • “Thank you, God!!!!! Sing it from the rooftops!!!!!”
  • “Christie…congratulations…know that feeling all too well..not enough words to explain it.”
  • “So happy Christie. I am looking forward to being able to say that myself next year!”


Soon after Christie was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2013, a friend created the Team Christie Facebook group. On the page it says, “We are here to encourage and support Christie as she faces the hardest battle of her life: Breast Cancer. She is 41, lives in Biddeford, ME & has 3 beautiful daughters.”

The group now has 586 and counting members. Every day new members join. Yes, to support Christie, but also because she is an inspiration.

Christie Cantara, who is from Maine and has breast cancer

Facebook comment:
After 4 hard chemo treatments she still looks this good !!!
Fight the Fight Christie Cantara !!!

Christie first felt a lump in her left breast in September 2012 and over the course of several months was misdiagnosed twice before she learned that she had breast cancer and it had spread into a lymph node under her arm. You can read her story in my previous post: Christie Cantara: Honorary Red Sox Bat Girl!”


Because the cancer had spread beyond her breast, Christie needed to undergo a round of chemotherapy. She had her last treatment June 26th.

Christie Cantara's last breast cancer chemotherapy treatment

Christie’s last chemotherapy treatment

On August 15, at Southern Maine Medical Center in Biddeford, Christie had a mastecomy. In the spring she will have her remaining breast removed and will undergo breast reconstruction surgery. But first, she says, she’ll have radiation therapy treatments.”I begin radiation in 6 weeks in Scarborough. 5 days a week for 5 1/2 weeks.”

A long, long haul and a tough one. Throughout it all, Christie is rarely without a smile. It was just about as wide as it could get when she took a call from one of her doctors. “My doc’s office called me,” she told me, “while I was at the plastic surgeon’s office this morning, to tell me after testing my breast tissue and nodes, everything was negative for cancer. WOW! I had my drain taken out and can now shower YAY!!!!!! My left side doesn’t look bad at all, is healing up nicely. So, on this day every year, I will celebrate being another year cancer free!

The day is August 20. Let’s all remember the date so we can join Christie Cantara in celebrating CANCER FREE!

To keep up with Christie’s progress and offer her encouragement, join the Team Christie Facebook group or add your comment below.

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