For more than 35 years, Dr. Ron Bissell was a busy surgeon practicing in southern Maine. For a variety of reasons, he decided to close his practice. Rebuilding his life was a challenge, but he was able to overcome the many obstacles. In this Catching Health podcast, he talks about how quieting his mind and “listening to whispers” made all the difference.

In this episode

  • I introduce Dr. Bissell
  • He talks about why he became a surgeon and why he retired early.
  • He shares what spirituality means to him.
  • He talks about his physical problems, including chronic pain
  • He describes his experiences with meditation.
  • He explains why he wants to share what he has learned and how he does that through his website and YouTube channel.
  • He tells us why he named his website Listen2Whispers.
  • He leaves us with some concrete action steps for tapping into our own inner spirit.

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