Neva79 / Pixabay

Neva79 / Pixabay

Want to add some color to your nails — especially now that summer is nearly here? Only you’ve read that nail polish contains toxic chemicals? You’re right. Some do and those are the ones you want to avoid.

How can you find out if your favorite brand contains any? Read the label.

Don’t buy any nail polish that lists these chemicals:

If the label says it’s toxic-free or chemical-free, still check the ingredients.

Colleen Tetzlaff, a certified oncology and family nurse practitioner at Integrative Health Center of Maine, has this to add:

“The fumes from the nail polish are toxic and also, wearing nail polish all the time can discolor nails.”

If you want to find a nail polish that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals, check out EWG’s Skin Deep database. And please let us know if you have a favorite non-toxic nail polish that you’d like to recommend.