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In a recent Catching Health video Andy (my strength coach at AW Strength & Conditioning) showed us some moves that help strengthen our core. Core muscles include your abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles. They’re all wicked important because they make it possible for us to do — well, just about everything.

Some people think crunches are the best things you can do to strengthen your core. Andy is not one of those people. He prefers exercises like the hollow body, which he demonstrates here: Strong to the core.

Planks are also good for core muscles. If you’re not sure how to do one, you’re in luck because Andy’s going to show us.

And not one to miss an opportunity, while he was still down on the floor, I also asked Andy to demonstrate the proper way to do a push-up.

Not everyone finds it easy to do push-ups on the floor, especially when they’re older. For our final video in this series, Andy demonstrates how standing push-ups and he also shares some balance tips.

Stay tuned and keep moving!