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Your core

In our last two videos with strength coach Andy Wight, we got some fitness advice on our knees and our shoulders. In these next videos, we focus on our cores. If you’ve got a strong core, it will help you with other issues you might be having. Everything’s connected, you know. But what exactly is our core and what are some easy things we can do to make it stronger? Watch the first short video and get some helpful tips.

Bridges and dead bugs

What do bridges and dead bugs have to do with a strong core? Let’s find out.

Hollow body vs. a crunch

If you’re trying to strengthen your core with crunches, Andy suggests you try something else instead — a hollow body. He explains why and demonstrates how to do one in this next video.

What’s next?

Planks, that’s what’s next. Andy will show us how to do a basic plank and a variation or two. Stay tuned.