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Max Brody, owner The Buxton Common

Max Brody

Last year I wrote a post about Max Brody and the restaurant he was building in Buxton, Maine. Long awaited, The Buxton Common on Long Plains Road is now open.

My husband and I dined there last night and what a meal we had. We had the pleasure of sharing our table with Kathleen and Patrick Pierce. Kathleen is with the Maine Restaurant and Innkeepers Associations. She used to be a staff writer for the Bangor Daily News and also wrote a blog about the intersection between food and culture called Urban Eye. Her husband Patrick is a sculptor, poet, and painter.

In full disclosure, our meals were complimentary and I did not intend to write a blog post. By the end of the evening, I changed my mind because the food, service, and atmosphere were too good to keep to myself. As far as the connection to health and wellness, I believe that living a healthy, balanced life should include relaxing with friends, old and new, and enjoying good food and good conversation — which we definitely did.

I won’t be doing much writing in this piece because I think the pictures we took will tell a much more delectable story. Let’s eat!


Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs


Smoked Chicken drumsticks

Smoked Chicken Drumsticks

Main Course

Eve, server at The Buxton Common

Eve Queen, server extraordinaire


Fins board

Fins Board (Smoked trout, cured salmon, and blackened shrimp)


Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout


Shrimp with cheddar grits

Shrimp with cheddar grits


BBQ tofu skewers

BBQ tofu skewers with side dishes of grits and succotash

Shared desserts

Lemon cake with lemon curd filling and chocolate layer cake (made in-house).

Thank you, thank you!

Kathleen, Max Brody, and Patrick

Kathleen, Max Brody, and Patrick

Now THAT was a great meal. For more information or to make a reservation visit The Buxton Common website. Go ahead, indulge yourself!