My front door with wreath

Finally got a wreath on our front door. It’s from Wreaths for Hope and it’s in the shape of a cancer awareness ribbon. The wreath was a gift from a friend who knew about my recent diagnosis of DCIS — stage 0 breast cancer. Hence, the pink ribbon.

There are 23 ribbon colors available. Lavender for all cancers, for instance. Purple for pancreatic cancer, white for lung cancer, red for hemophilia and even a color to honor caregivers — plum.

Wreaths for Hope is the brainchild of Artie Mingo, whose family owns Mingo’s Evergreen Products in Calais. According to the Wreaths for Hope website, the idea took root when Artie’s son was being treated for a serious blood disorder. He came across an article about a grassroots organization that was changing the way cancer was being researched and decided he also wanted “to help make a difference.”

Each wreath costs $19.95. Twenty percent will go to the Maine Cancer Foundation, which primarily funds cancer research in Maine. Another 10 percent will help provide transportation for people receiving cancer treatments in Downeast Maine.

I think it’s a worthy cause, not to mention that the wreath is beautiful and it sure does smell good!

There’s still time to order one for your front door. Go to Wreaths for Hope for more information.

Happy holidays and many thanks to my friend.

PS I think my front door desperately needs a paint job!

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