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I stopped by Rowe Ford in Westbrook, Maine recently to try on a new driving outfit. It wasn’t at all flattering. In fact, I looked pretty bad. Hungover, even, by the time I left.

The outfit was designed in Germany and Ford Motor Company uses it to raise awareness about the dangers of driving while you’re impaired. They usually use it in their Driving Skills for Life program, which is geared toward new teenage drivers. I’m a few decades away from being a teenager, but I don’t think we should ever stop being open to learning something new or being reminded about something important.

We all know we should never get behind the wheel if we’ve been drinking or doing anything else that impairs our driving. But, let’s admit it, sometimes we think we’re in better shape than we really are.

When I got the invitation to put on an outfit that mimics being impaired, I said sure, why not. It turned out to be a rather dizzying experience. Felicia Knight, from Ford Motor Company, helped me don my lovely attire and keep me upright.

The infographic below explains what the various components of the suit represent. Once I took off the earphones and glasses, I didn’t feel quite a dizzy/nauseous. All in all, it was a worthwhile experience and a worthwhile reminder — for people of all ages. Safe driving.

Ford Drunk Driving Suit