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Three things, in particular, brought me joy this week.

Several months ago, a friend commissioned me to do a painting. My first commission! This week I declared it finished (Trust me, I could fuss with it until the day I shuffle off.)  I’m shipping him the painting as soon as I sign it and secure it in its frame and he’s shipping me a check. Wicked, wicked exciting.

VW painting

I have decided painting is so good for my soul that I’ve made a commitment to myself to do it more often. It was such a beautiful day Friday that I spent the entire afternoon in my backyard painting our cosmos garden. I still have work to do on it, but here’s what I have so far.

Cosmos painting

And this afternoon, my husband and I drove upta camp and hauled out the kayaks for a relaxing paddle around the lake with our sister/brother-in-law and grand nephew. What a glorious afternoon that got even better when we stopped at the frozen custard stand in New Gloucester on the way home. BLUEBERRY today!

Diane in the kayak

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