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Making pie together

Warning: I’m going to overload you with cuteness in this blog post!

Last Wednesday was International Pi (π) Day. My son-in-law Keegan, who loves math and also loves to cook, decided to celebrate by baking a pie with my 21-month old granddaughter.

Coraline loves learning new things and loves to eat, so it turned out to be a fun experience. She and her dad have been cooking together ever since she started eating solid foods. The picture below is from a year ago when I wrote the post Who says baby food can’t be delicious and healthy?

Coraline in the kitchen

Coraline and her parents are vegans, which means she is, too. At this point, she can eat pretty much what they do.

Fruit, any fruit, is her hands down favorite food. If you give it to her first, though, she won’t eat anything else. I learned that the hard way.

On a recent visit, I forgot and put down a dish of blueberries. When I realized that she was ignoring the rest of her meal, I moved the blueberries to the other room and encouraged her to eat something else. She wasted no time letting me know what she thought about that!

Coraline crying

Don’t worry, a few seconds later I was back in her good graces. She finished the main course and had her blueberries for dessert.

People often ask how she gets enough protein on a vegan diet. My daughter says it’s actually pretty easy — they get plenty from soy products (Coraline loves soy milk), beans, and nut butters.

Maine food writer Avery Yale Kamilla is also raising a vegan child. She shares some advice in How will I get enough protein and other questions about going vegan.

Fortunately, Coraline is pretty adventurous about trying new things. Another favorite food is avocados, which in this picture she is enjoying with carrots and beans.

Coraline eating avocados and carrots

Something that made us grandparents extremely happy is that Keegan taped Coraline helping him make the peanut butter cup pie for Pi Day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it. If you want to try making the pie, he included basic instructions.You’ll find the original recipe on Minimalist Baker.

Enjoy the video and the pie if you decide to make it. Feel free to tell me that Coraline is absolutely the cutest little toddler you have ever, ever seen!