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Here’s a short and sweet fitness tip from Andy at AW Strength & Conditioning. He’s my strength coach and I’ve decided I can’t live without him because every single time I finish a session, I feel great! Even better, it lasts.

On the video, he demonstrates a movement he calls squat to stand.

This exercise can be used as a warm-up, a movement prep exercise, or at the end of a training session. Even if you’re limited on time, you can do it anytime.

Key to the movement:
✔Pause at each position. Overhead reach > toe touch > deep squat > toe touch > overhead reach
✔Keep your feet flat to the floor. If you have limited motion in the deep squat, try sinking your hips lower in the deep squat each time without lifting your heel.
✔In the deep squat, try keeping a proud chest. Keep your elbows stay inside the knees.