What you are about to read is coming from someone who knows. Me. Here goes: One day you’re 20 and the next you are 70. It’s true. Time does speed by that fast. Being 70 or older does not mean that you can no longer do or learn new things. Attitude can be everything. But there are some things that are worth being aware of or taking a look at as we or our parents get older.

In this episode of the Catching Health podcast, my guest is Wendy Adlerstein, Executive Director and co-owner of FirstLight Home Care of West Suburban Boston. We manage to tackle several aging-related issues in a short period of time. They include having a conversation with your family about your wishes as you age, assessing the need for home care services, getting your affairs in order way ahead of time, and more. The most important thing I learned from our conversation was that planning ahead as much as you can is a smart thing to do. I hope you learn something useful, as well.

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