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Lots of cupcakes

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Hmmmm. It’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day. I wonder who dreamed that one up? Whoever it was, it’s working on me because since the moment I found out, images of delectable chocolate cupcakes have been coursing through my brain. I know for sure I inherited a sweet tooth gene and it has been activated!

Some researchers claim that eating chocolate — dark chocolate, in particular, — is good for your heart. I did a quick online search to see if there was any new research claiming more pros or cons. Nothing conclusive and that includes heart benefits. But there have been some small observational studies suggesting that eating chocolate might improve brain function. Bring it on!

It’s the flavanols in dark chocolate and cocoa that appear to matter. They’re plant-based nutrients that you’ll also find in many fruits and vegetables. Probably a much healthier way to boost your intake. Especially because when you indulge in most things chocolate you’re also getting a not-so-healthy dose of sugar and fats, which would quickly cancel out any benefits.

Still … an occasional indulgence? Wouldn’t that be ok? Like on National Chocolate Cupcake Day?

Chocolate cupcake recipes

Here are some recipes I found in case you feel like baking. Save one for me.