At 62, Vikki Choate has already started thinking about her retirement plan. I’m sure there’s relaxation built into it, but most of it involves moving into a new career. She currently has more than a full-time job and she’s working toward a doctorate degree. All part of the plan. Vikki is a dynamo, but she also has a strong spiritual side that guides everything she does, including becoming a newlywed last year. Join us for an inspirational Conversation About Aging.

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A few pictures

Vikki Choate at her desk/Conversations About Aging podcast
Vikki taking a short work break
Vikki Choate and her husband on their wedding day
Vikki and her husband on their wedding day
Vikki Choate's ragdoll cat Grace/Conversations About Aging
Vikki Choate's ragdoll cat Mercy/Conversations About Aging

Who’s next?

Conversations About Aging airs every other Monday. My next conversation is with Tom Antonik, who in 1986, found out that he was HIV positive. A year later he was diagnosed with AIDS. A death sentence, for sure. But here he is 33 years later at the age of 63, still alive and doing well. I interviewed Tom many times back in the 80s and 90s. He wanted to make a difference, to help break the stigma against people with HIV/AIDS. He is still trying to make a difference.


If you have any suggestions for people I should consider interviewing or you’re aware of a helpful aging resource in your community, let me know. In addition to the podcast, I intend to blog about what various communities, organizations, and individuals are doing to provide age-friendly services, support, and connection here in Maine. The best way to get in touch is to send me an email. Thank you!