From the moment he was born 80 years ago, Paul Quinn’s life has been tied to North Haven Island, off the coast of Rockland, Maine. I’m guessing there is no one on the island who doesn’t know Paul.

His life hasn’t always been easy, and he has some regrets, but he says it’s been “a good run”. I loved listening to the stories he had to tell and I’m sure you will, too — some funny, some thoughtful, some gut-wrenching.

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A couple of pictures

Paul Quinn/Conversations About Aging at Southern Harbor House, North Haven, Maine
Paul Quinn relaxing in the sunroom at Southern Harbor House
View of North Haven, Maine from the ferry
View of North Haven from the ferry

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Who’s next?

Conversations About Aging airs every other Monday. My next conversation is with Vikki Choate from Bath, Maine. At 62, Vikki is on the younger end of the getting older spectrum. She told me that when she hit 50, something magical happened — things that used to bother her didn’t anymore.

We talked about her view on life, her nursing career, concerns about the current shortage of nurses, and how she is preparing for the future (it doesn’t include retirement). And I almost forgot, we also talked about cats!


If you have any suggestions for people I should consider interviewing or you’re aware of a helpful aging resource in your community, let me know. In addition to the podcast, I intend to blog about what various communities, organizations, and individuals are doing to provide age-friendly services, support, and connection here in Maine. The best way to get in touch is to send me an email. Thank you!

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