For most of his adult life, Jack has struggled with bouts of anxiety and depression. During our conversation, two things, in particular, stood out for me. People and art. Jack loves them both and I think they’re what motivate him to stay strong. Two years ago, he was hospitalized and friends “came out of the woodwork” to help him get through it.

We talked about that the difference those friends made for him during that difficult time, choices he’s made during his life, what he’d like to do over if he could, and what makes it a good day for him. He also shared some of his beautiful artwork.

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A few pictures

Jack, Conversations About Aging, showing poster he illustrated
Portland, Maine poster illustrated by Jack
Jack, Conversations About Aging, sketching at Shalom House
Hard at work in the art studio at Shalom House
Jack, Conversations About Aging, sketching at Shalom House
Well, hello, there!
Collage of Jack's art
Some of Jack’s art

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Who’s next?

Conversations About Aging airs every other Monday. My next conversation is with Peesh, who’s 76. When we start talking about where she would like to live now that’s she’s older, her husband Paul chimed in. She’s lobbying for Downeast Maine and he prefers the city. I wonder if they’ll be able to settle on a compromise.

If you have any suggestions for people I should consider interviewing or want to let me know about a helpful aging resource in your community, let me know. In addition to the podcast, I intend to blog about what various communities, organizations, and individuals are doing to provide age-friendly services, support, and connection here in Maine. The best way to get in touch is to send me an email. Thank you!

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