Did you know that complete bed rest when you have a concussion is not the best idea? It can actually make things worse. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center (UPMC) have identified six different types of concussions. Dr. Michael (Micky) Collins, who hails from Maine, is the director and a founding member of the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program. He says that treating a concussion depends on what type it is. He explains in this Catching Health podcast.

In this podcast episode, Dr. Collins and I talk about

  • Why he made concussion treatment and research his life’s work.
  • The UMPC program
  • Mild traumatic brain injury/concussion
  • How a new blood test approved by FDA can’t actually diagnose a concussion
  • How they do diagnose concussions
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Six different types of concussions
  • Matching treatment to the type of concussion
  • What can happen if someone doesn’t get treated
  • Prevention

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