When you forget someone’s name or lose something or feel as if the word you’re searching for is on the tip of your tongue, but not making it to your brain — do you worry that you have Alzheimer’s Disease? You’re not alone. Scientists around the globe are in a race to find out what causes this form of dementia, how it might be prevented, and/or treated.

As program director for the Alzheimer’s Association in Maine, Peter Baker fields questions from worried people on a daily basis.

In this episode:

  • Peter answers this question: Are dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease the same thing?
  • We discuss the causes of dementia and whether some are reversible.
  • Peter explains how Alzheimer’s is diagnosed and if there are any screening tests available.
  • We talk about genetic testing.
  • We take a look at early onset dementia.
  • Peter lists signs and symptoms and when you should check something out with your doctor.
  • We talk about current treatments and whether they actually do anything.
  • Peter tells us about some of the promising research that is currently underway and the need for people to participate in clinical trials.
  • We talk about the services provided by the Alzheimer’s Association and how to contact someone for help or guidance or to enroll in a trial.

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