How many helpings did you have this Thanksgiving? Way too many? Well, Andy Wight from AW Strength & Conditioning in Westbrook, Maine is here to help you feel a little better. He put together a short, but effective routine that’s guaranteed to burn off at least a few of those extra calories. It’s called a metabolic leg series.

This metabolic legs series is a short high intensity series. In the video I’m performing five jump squats,  five split squats on each side, five body weight squats and five split squat jumps on each side.

If the jumps present a problem I usually have people stick with the body weight exercises but increase the reps to 10 or 15 and also add in push-ups.

Three rounds is more then enough for this series.

Tomorrow, Jackie Conn, who is general manager at Weight Watchers of Maine, will share her 5-step recovery plan for getting back on track after Thanksgiving. Until then, do Andy’s routine and then go tackle some leftovers. You have my permission!