In 1984, Jane Tholen was prescribed an antidepressant to help her cope with two harrowing experiences. It caused serious side effects, so she was switched to a different prescription. It also caused side effects. For the next 30 years, she was on various antidepressants as well as other medications to counteract the side effects. Today, the only pill Jane takes is a vitamin and she is eager to share her story.

In this episode of the Catching Health podcast, Jane:

  • talks about why she decided to go public with such a personal story;
  • describes how she feels now that she doesn’t take antidepressants (or any other medications) anymore;
  • tells us about her life before her world came crashing down and what happened to change things;
  • talks about the various antidepressants she was on, the side effects they caused and the other medications she took;
  • describes what her life was like during the 30 years she was on the antidepressants;
  • explains why she decided to stop taking all of the medications and how she was able to do that.

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Jane’s blog

Here’s the link to Jane’s website and blog: Ambushed by Antidepressants: A Woman Reclaims Her Life After 30 years on Mind-altering Drugs (she is also planning to write a book by the same name.)

“I detail my mental and physical reactions to the drugs, why I stopped taking them and how to successfully taper off them under a doctor’s supervision. Most importantly, I offer practical mind and body suggestions to help people cope with a whole new set of tapering side effects without going back on them.”

Resources recommended by Jane


  • A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives by Kelly Brogan, MD
  • Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker
  • The Emperor’s New Drugs by Irving Kirsch, Ph.D.
  • Your Drug May Be Your Problem by Peter R. Breggin, MD