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My resolution

I am someone who claims to not believe in resolutions and yet, take a look at my calendar and at the top of each day, beginning January 1, 2019, you’ll see this:

When I put it on my calendar, I didn’t think of it as a New Year’s resolution, just something I wanted to pay attention to. But I suppose a resolution is what it is.

I read somewhere that you have a better chance of keeping a resolution if you share it with someone. Now that you all know, you can help keep me accountable. If you catch me chattering away, gently suggest that I look at my calendar!

Your resolutions

I checked in with some friends to see what, if any, resolutions they’ve made. I was pleasantly surprised by all the replies.

Jen Boggs, my wonderful and clever editorial accomplice always makes good ones. A few years ago she vowed to write a postcard every single day. She rocked that resolution! This year?

“I’m writing in my journal every day, even if it’s just a sentence. I’ve been practicing this past week to give myself some ‘runway.’” 

Terri Hernandez says she’s going to work on not smoking. When I wished her good luck, she said, “Thanks, I’m going to need it.” Let’s all root for her success.

Lucy Ellen Smith must have been reading my mind because her resolution is to “Do less talking, more listening.” You’re off to a great start, Lucy!

Paul Catsos resolves to take more time off from work to enjoy friends and family. He says that includes me and my husband. We accept!

Like me, Jennifer Fitzpatrick doesn’t usually do resolutions. Because it’s her 70th year she decided to try a couple. Here’s her list and she says to check back next December to see how she did.

  • I resolve this year to research, gather and organize our 1850’s era house’s history with any anecdotal info and old photos. 
  • I resolve to regularly journal bits of memories from my youth to share with my Grands.

Martin Baker intends to “meet up face to face with two friends I’ve previously only known online (I’ve not decided who it will be yet!)” Are you coming to Maine Marty??

Joyce Maestro says, “I never make resolutions … I just go with the flow and do what’s best for the moment.” That’s usually me, too, Joyce, but this year, I’ve added one to the mix.

Lee Foss is going gluten-free and reducing sugar. “Both going to be hard. And getting back to exercising REGULARLY!!!!!!!!” Guess who’ll be hearing from me in about three months — because she is taking on a lot of resolutions!

From Stacy Davis: “My resolution is to put my phone away when I get home every day until the kids go to bed.” I’ve heard a lot of people say they want to spend less time on their phones. Maybe we need to create a support group.

Joan Dyer: “Being more generous with my time for those who need me.”

Howland Bickerstaff: “Be more compassionate and open-hearted … “

Linda Faatz: “This year I will try to become a better listener and more sensitive to the needs of others.”

Liz Berks: “Remember to ask myself is what I am doing, thinking or eating contributing to living my best life. More firmly establish the habits that create the life I want. More movement, more connection with others, more yes and less no.”

Susan Rodgers: “To thank one person each day for doing a great job.”

Jackie Conn: “No resolution this year but last year I resolved to achieve my Apple Watch goals 365 days – 500 calories, 30 minutes of exercise, 10,000 steps, stand 12 hours. I almost did it after a bad start when I pulled a groin muscle and missed Jan 1 and 2. The rest of the year I met or exceeded the goal. I just want to keep it up in 2019.”

Terrilynn Dubreil: “None. Just continue to live the best I can … healthy, active, loving, happy, and enjoying life, people, and art.”

Kathryn Tewhey: “Saving money.”

Nancy Wolach wants to walk through life a little slower.

Monica Burke: “What else? Try to lose weight!!!”

Mary “Woody” Woodward: “I resolve to FINALLY get John to FINALLY agree to a PUPPY. DAMN!!! It’s gonna be tough, but since I’ve just agreed to a freaking bus tour with freaking old people he can at least agree to a puppy!!! OK, rant over.Please don’t tell Woody that some people might attempt to suggest she is now in the category that she referenced. She reminds me, though, of a man named Fred Hale, who died at 104. The last time I spoke to him he was living in a nursing facility recuperating from a broken hip. He told me he hated it there. Everyone is so old here, he told me. There’s no one to talk to. Fred was 102 at the time.

Anne Alexander: “De-cluttering. Got rid of 100 things by Christmas in December and still doing it.” Been a goal of mine for at least 20 years.

Michelle Marie: “I don’t do resolutions but reflect on the year’s highs & lows and the changes I want in myself for the New Year. I journal and buy a new planner to prepare.”

Bill Keller: “Continue the Path.” One thing that’s on Bill’s path is Zumba. He’s the king.

Darcy Pomerleau: “My resolution is to “live” …not exist. That may sound odd but I have found over the years I generally live for others and not myself. I wear so many roles that I forget the most important 1. To live for me. So I am going to put my best efforts into exploring what that means. Not miss opportunities and remember to do the things I love and not put them off any longer. Happy New Year!”

To make or not to make …

Whether you make a resolution or not, there is there something hopeful, I think, about starting a brand new year. Another chance to do things better.

But if you’re struggling to come up with what you consider a worthy resolution, Jacob Coldwell at Mountain Pass Life Coaching says forget about it. Instead of making a resolution, try making a change that will last you a lifetime. Read how in this recent blog post.

On the other hand, making a resolution could be the first step toward a lifelong change for some people. The number one resolution is Monica’s — to lose weight. Jackie Conn has some thoughts on that which you can listen to in this podcast. Jackie is General Manager of Weight Watchers (now WW) of Maine.

If you look at the stats, only about 8 percent of people who make resolutions keep them. Yikes. Which means we have to talk about failure. If it happens, it happens. Show yourself some compassion. At least you tried.

I’m done talking now. Happy New Year!