Here We Are

"Here we are, in this beautiful slowing down that allows us to open and know a different way. Priorities will sift and shift, as we move through this new way of being. A hopefully more loving time, a learning time and a forgiving time will become us." Some lessons from Arlene Wing

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Now. Here. This.

Dancing sets her free. Fills her heart and soul with joy. But for the time being, Susan Fekety has set her dancing shoes aside. And instead of feeling her spirit soar, it began to plummet. Three short words have helped lift her up and sustain her during this challenging time: Now. Here. This.

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A time for reflection

Imagine getting an email out of the blue from someone you met 35 years ago. An email that said thank you. During these uncertain times, Rhonda Montanez has been feeling more reflective and decided to reach out to someone from her past. I am that grateful someone.

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In her account of how she is managing life in self-isolation, Jane Dougall writes that she has spent most of her life waiting for something. Now is no different, but what makes this current situation so challenging is the "unknown unknowing". What Jane does know is that "we are not going back to what was."

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Feeling thankful

Every day we hear the numbers. On this day, Wednesday, April 29, 2020, COVID-19 has been confirmed in 1056 people here in Maine. According to the Maine CDC, 615 people have recovered, 52 have died. But the numbers don't include everyone. Ericka Dodge Katz, for instance. This is her story.

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Luanne Cameron’s 110 Philosophy

Ever have an idea for a book you'd like to write? When it happened to Luanne Cameron, she grabbed hold of her idea and turned it into a reality. Her book The 110 Philosophy was published in January 2020. It's all about the principles she uses to guide her through life, one that is now impacted by a global pandemic.

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Shelter in place in NYC

My nephew and his family live in New York City, where streets usually crowded with vehicles and people are now empty and quiet. They've been isolated at home for several weeks now, with no end in sight. Their usual routines don't work anymore, so together, they've built some new ones.

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Let’s do this

Words of wisdom from my husband Barry: Being resourceful, gathering and sharing information (from credible sources) and visualizing that inevitable time ahead when things will be better helps us to be resilient. Read what else he has to say about trying to make the best of a challenging situation.

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How are you holding up?

As we all try to grapple with being isolated, some people are doing better than others. It's a difficult time and one that Val Walker never anticipated when she wrote her book (out today) 400 Friends and No One to Call. We spoke on the phone recently and she shared how she came to write the book, as well as some wisdom about dealing with our current situation.

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COVID-19’s impact on a small business

The threat of COVID-19 has turned our world(s) upside down. People isolated at home, some working, some out of a job, some not well, many feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. Pete Smith's story is that the business he and his partner Gudrun worked so hard to build is now closed. But as you'll see, Pete's an optimist.

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