Rutabaga recipe: Roasted root vegetables and portobello mushrooms

How many of you have eaten a rutabaga? Do you know what it is? How to cook one? How about roasted rutabagas? I've got a good recipe for you.

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Food fight! Food fight! And the happy winner is …

Imagine a roomful of people flinging food at each other. It's a food fight! There wasn't too much, if any, flinging at the food fight I was in.

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Eat almonds by the handful or try this recipe for delectable almond biscotti

No matter how they are presented to me, I like the taste of almonds and that they're good for me. Here's a recipe to try — for almond biscotti.

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A tasty Mediterrean dish that’s easy to make and easy to eat: Chicken with white beans

If you're looking for something that doesn't take long to make and is good for you, try this recipe for chicken with white beans.

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Like kale? Then this recipe for pasta with kale pesto, chicken and roasted tomatoes is for you

Want to improve your health? Eat kale. I tried it once and didn't like it. Turns out it wasn't cooked properly. We've got the skinny on how to do it right.

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Sweet potato soup with a satisfying little bite to it

Today, we're cooking up some sweet potatoes. So good tasting. And as a source of nutrition, they pack a wallop.

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Try this tasty and simple-to-make healthy recipe for spinach feta frittata

Every week, Catching Health offers up a new healthy food and a recipe. How about spinach feta frittata? Learn how to make it and why spinach is good for you.

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It’s winter but you don’t have to miss out on the goodness of fresh vegetables

Source: Pond5 Guest post by registered dietitian Dave Seddon, MBA RD LD. Courtesy of the Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Association. Winter may be upon us but we don’t have to miss out on the goodness of fresh vegetables—even in climates where you might think it just can’t be done. […]

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Lentils. Low in calories, high in nutrition. And wicked easy to cook, never mind eat!

Want to connect in your kitchen with a prehistoric human ancestor from the Neolithic period? Cook up some lentils! They cheap to buy and full of protein.

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A recipe for Roasted Cauliflower with Red Chile, Cilantro and Lime

Chiles are low in calories and high in nutrients. All that heat is also good for you. See why and try a delicious recipe for roasted cauliflower.

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Try a new healthy food. This week it’s mangoes

stevepb / Pixabay John Turrell, the Wellness Coordinator at the Greater Portland Branch of the YMCA of Southern Maine wants us to feel healthier and be a little adventurous, so he’s encouraging us to try (or retry) nine new healthy foods. We’re on number five — mangoes. […]

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Try a new healthy food: This week it’s avocados

John Turrell, the Wellness Coordinator at the Greater Portland YMCA, wants us to try a new healthy food every week. Up next — avocados. We even have a recipe.

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Try a new healthy food. This week it’s Greek yogurt!

John Turrell, from the YMCA of Southern Maine, wants us to feel healthier and be a little adventurous, so he’s encouraging us to try nine new healthy foods.

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Try a new healthy food. This week it’s Quinoa!

John Turrell, the Wellness Coordinator at the Greater Portland Branch of the YMCA of Southern Maine, wants us to feel healthier and be a little adventurous, so he’s encouraging us to try (or retry) nine new healthy foods. Last week was his first recommendation — sardines. They’re  rich in protein, calcium, vitamin D, and omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid.  This week, it’s quinoa.  […]

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Try some new healthy foods in 2016. #1. Sardines!

lola56 / Pixabay Guest post by John Turrell, Wellness Coordinator, Greater Portland Branch, YMCA of Southern Maine. The start of a new year marks the perfect opportunity to revisit familiar menu routines and jump-start healthy eating patterns. Adding a variety of healthy foods to your plate will not only boost overall nutrition in your diet but also broaden your culinary horizons. Instead of  trying to find new recipes for the same familiar ingredients, try expanding your palate by incorporating some foods you don’t routinely eat.  […]

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Lost your appetite? It could be your age!

The older you get, the more likely you're falling short on important nutrients. What you eat becomes more important than how much. Registered dietitian Kitty Broihier has some tips.

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Want to be wicked healthy? Consider these nutty ideas

Adding nuts to your diet is a smart move for your health. We have some nutty ideas to get you started.

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A Healthy Winter Diet to Nourish the Body

Source: Kath Bartlett Guest post by Kath Bartlett, LAc. Chinese dietary principles stress the importance of eating according to the seasons, as well as our individual constitution. During the warm months of the year, we eat cooling foods; during the cooler months, we eat warming foods. Here are some tips for a beneficial diet for the winter season. […]

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Rye. It’s so much more than a loaf of bread and they’re all delicious

Rye is a nutrient-rich whole grain low in saturated fat and a good source of dietary fiber. Unfortunately, it often sits in the shadow of other whole grains.

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The best blueberry cake I ever ate!

You've got quarts of fresh blueberries and you want to make something yummy. You have to try this recipe for the best blueberry cake I ever ate!

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Jane Johnson’s Recipe for Maple Walnut Rhubarb Crisp

The other day I posted a recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie that called for honey in place of sugar. I got an email from Jane Johnson, who lives in Forest City Township on the shores of East Grand Lake and the headwaters of the St. Croix River — “remote by choice,” she told me. I happened to mention in the recipe that honey wasn’t vegan and Jane suggested substituting maple syrup. She sent me some quotes from Tim Herd’s book Maple Sugar: From Sap to Sugar.  […]

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A Taste of the Mediterranean: Herb Baked Fish and French Potato Salad

Several weeks ago, I decided to try cooking some Mediterranean style meals for me and my husband. I’m not sure how it happened, but over the years he became the family chef and I admit it, I took him and his cooking skills for granted! He was more than happy to get out of the kitchen and be on the receiving instead of the serving end for a change. […]

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A Taste of the Mediterrean: Baked Salmon and Roasted Asparagus

It took me half my life to appreciate the taste of salmon. You need to understand. I grew up eating only one kind of fish: haddock (usually fried). Salmon is good for us, but why? Kitty Broihier, a registered dietitian and member of the Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, has the answer: Salmon is highly [...]

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Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen

Kendall Scott This is what Kendall Scott did when, at the age of 27, she found out that she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma: “I cried. I laughed. I drank a beer and ordered a pizza.” As she finished her beer and pizza she says, “I felt this ball of fortitude begin to form deep in my gut (and it wasn’t just my dinner). […]

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What is the Mediterranean Diet and Does it Really Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease?

Your cholesterol is too high, putting you at risk for developing heart disease and having a heart attack. Your doctor suggested you change your diet. You're totally confused about what to do next.

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Gluten-Free Dutch Apple Cranberry Streusel Pie

A delicious apple pie made by Rebecca Reilly What are you going to do with all those apples you picked? I’ve got a great idea. Why don’t you make an apple pie! If you haven’t picked your apples yet, there is still time. I put together a list of orchards in Maine that let you pick your own apples. Please, make sure to contact the orchard first to make sure they still have apples left. Rebecca Reilly Rebecca Reilly was kind enough to share her recipe for a gluten-free apple pie. […]

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Blueberry recipes: From blueberry muffins to blueberry soup!

Wondering what to do with all the blueberries you picked? Try these blueberry recipes — from muffins to soup — healthy and delicious.

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You Have to Try These Strawberry Recipes

You have pints and pints of luscious freshly picked strawberries. In case you don't know what to do with them, Catching Health found a few recipes to share.

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How to Grill a Great Tasting Vegan Burger

My future son-in-law Keegan used to be a meat-eater. Now he’s a vegan. His former roommates were vegetarians and then my daughter Stephanie became a vegan, so he decided to try it as well. He felt healthier right away. Because he has an inherited form of high blood pressure he has to watch his carefully. It went down. He has more energy. Luckily for my daughter, Keegan loves to cook. For his birthday, she gave him the perfect gift — a gas grill. This past weekend he fired it up for a family barbecue. A grillin’ style statement […]

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Local Students Rock Heart Healthy Recipes

Senior culinary arts students at Westbrook Regional Vocational Center recently faced their harshest food critic yet. No, not Gordon Ramsey — worse — the American Heart Association. Their challenge was to prepare three different luncheon menus and serve them all at a special tasting event. Not only did they have to impress with flavor, technique, presentation, creativity, and service, each dish had to be heart healthy. Are we ready for them? […]

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Sharing My Pesto Recipe

Basil from Diane’s garden Last night it rained hard. It didn’t stop me from venturing out to the garden to pick some basil. It was a robust rain, but warm and gentle, and it felt good. I fell into a meditative rhythm as I moved in the dark from one plant to the next. All of a sudden, I began to hear music. At first I thought it was coming from an open window, but the sound was behind me, in the forest of trees bordering our backyard. I heard a symphony — not created by humans, but by the rain striking against all the leaves. It was magnificent! Everything else ceased to exist for several minutes as I crouched beside my basil and just listened. […]

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