A roasted butternut squash recipe from Chef Annie Mahle

Imagine being the chef on a beautiful schooner that sails up and down the coast of Maine. That's what Annie Mahle does. And she's sharing some recipes with us.

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How to make your own sauerkraut from scratch

If you want to add some fiber to your diet and boost your immune system eat sauerkraut. And if you want to add some fun to your life, try making your own.

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A recipe for wicked good roasted potatoes

Like roasted potatoes crisp and crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside? I found the perfect recipe — tested it and now I'm sharing it just for you!

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A recipe for the new year from The Sinful Kitchen — Pancit Bihon

Looking for a unique culinary experience? How about going to a Filipino Boodle Fight? Or stay home and try The Sinful Kitchen's recipe for Pancit Bihon.

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Toast the new year with a smooth non-alcoholic drink

Here's to a Happy New Year! If you prefer to celebrate with a mocktail instead of a cocktail, we've got a few recipes for you.

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A family recipe for baked stuffed winter squash

Looking for something new and different to serve for the holidays? Try my sister Debi's recipe for baked stuffed winter squash. You won't be sorry.

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A Hanukkah recipe for potato latkes from Ten Apple Farm

Potato latkes are a staple at Hanukkah celebrations and we've got a delicious, easy-to-make recipe from Maine author and goat farmer Margaret Hathaway.

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Time to pick up your winter farm share and get some healthy recipes, too

Winter farm shares. What a great idea! Goranson Farm (organic) offers them and they also offered us some healthy spinach, kale, and turnip recipes.

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Persian Barley Salad from Rosemont Market & Bakery

Ready to settle down for some healthy eating? Try this recipe for Persian Barley Salad. It's from Rosemont Market so it has to be delicious!

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Thankful for … leftovers

Thankful for Thanksgiving leftovers and this great sandwich recipe

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5-step recovery plan for getting back on track after Thanksgiving

If Thanksgiving got you off to a rough start as far as your diet is concerned, take a deep breath. Now read this advice from Jackie Conn from Weight Watchers.

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Vegan Thanksgiving? Try this recipe for a neat loaf from the Taste of Eden Vegan Café

Don't panic if there will be vegans at your Thanksgiving table. Sonya Tardif to your rescue with a recipe for a holiday neat loaf.

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Red velvet “Happy Birthday to Jen!” cupcake recipe

We're celebrating an important birthday on Catching Health. Find out whose and enjoy her healthy happy birthday cupcake recipe.

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National Deviled Eggs Day? You’re kidding!

Who needs a special day for deviled eggs? I don't! Whenever wherever, I can't resist. And you won't be able to resist our devilishly delicious tips.

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A recipe for vanilla almond panna cotta from chef Max Brody

Try the recipe and learn about Max Brody's new restaurant in Buxton, Maine. He's busy renovating an antique farmhouse that will be home to The Buxton Common.

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Oven Bird and Crazy Potatoes — get the recipes!

We love comfort food here at Catching Health. We have two comforting recipes for you — roast chicken and mashed potatoes, both with a delicious twist.

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Doctor’s orders: Try this recipe for spring rolls AND take a class in our teaching kitchen

What if your doctor handed you a prescription for a cooking class? To give people a real lesson in healthier eating, a Maine Hospital has a teaching kitchen.

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Recipes for quinoa vegetable soup and zucchini applesauce cookies

Fresh out of the garden ingredients for soup and cookies. That's right, cookies! And these students say they're delicious and easy to make. They should know!

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Add some bitters to your cocktails, your mocktails, and your food

Roots, flowers, herbs. Steep them in alcohol for a few weeks and you've got bitters. That's what Nolan Stewart does for a living. He shares his process and some recipes.

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Bean hole bean suppers. They’re all about the food, the people, and the history

If you live in New England, you've probably been to a bean supper. But have you had bean hole beans? Find out what you're missing and sample some brown bread.

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Some back-to-school lunch ideas, vegan included

Packing nutritious school lunches that your child will actually eat isn't easy. We have some tips from two moms, one's a vegan and the other is not.

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Secrets to making your own jams and jellies

Who has a grandmother who makes jams and jellies every summer and fall? Or do you stock up at farmers' markets or autumn fairs? Now you can try making your own!

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A recipe for lobster tacos from Linda Kate Lobster & Seafood

Had your fill of lobsters this summer? No, but you'd like to try something different before summer's end? You've got to make this recipe for lobster tacos.

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There’s more to clams than steamers. Try these recipes

In Maine, summer is the peak of clamming season, but they're harvested all year long. Steamed and fried are big favorites, but we have some different clam recipes.

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Do s’mores have any nutritional value at all?

The nutritional value of a s'more. Is there any? I asked a registered dietitian to tell us the truth.

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A delicious and juicy recipe for summer grilled chicken

Want to grill something simple, yet spectacular this summer? Try our recipe for grilled chicken from Farmers' Gate Market. And get tips on grilling and chickens.

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A summer recipe for smashed cucumber salad

It's that time of year when the garden is full of cucumbers. Here's a recipe for a refreshing cucumber salad from Cara Sandler chef and owner of Tao Yuan Restaurant.

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Let’s bake and break some bread together

Bakers and bread lovers — affectionately known as grainiacs — will be descending upon Skowhegan, Maine to celebrate ... what else? Bread!

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A lobster, avocado & mango salad that just screams summer in Maine

Looking for a simple but delicious salad to make for summer guests (or just you)? Try this lobster, avocado and mango salad compliments of Stonewall Kitchen.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about … French fries!

In honor of National French Fry Day, we will indulge ourselves! I have fond memories of fries, but they're not so good for you. That's why we've got some healthy tips.

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A recipe for Maine crab cakes from Diamond’s Edge Restaurant

If you like crab cakes, you're going to love this recipe from Diamond's Edge. Perfect for a lovely summer evening meal. We've also got a helpful cooking tip from one of the chefs.

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