How to start and maintain your Seven Days of Love exercise program

Seven Days of Love = seven days of simple exercises. What better way to show yourself some love than to get your body moving. We have some tips for you.

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Seven Days of Love. Day seven: Dead bugs!

Every day for the past seven days, Andy Wight from AW Strength & Conditioning has demonstrated a simple exercise. Today he shows us how to do a favorite.

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Seven Days of Love. Day six: Romanian deadlift

Day six of Seven Days of Love. If you've been doing Andy's exercises, you must be feeling a lot of love! Today's is a great one for balance and stability.

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Seven Days of Love. Day five: Isometric bent over row

Day five of Seven Days of Love. Today, we're going to love our upper backs and improve our posture at the same time. Get ready to do an isometric bent over row. That's a mouthful!

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Seven Days of Love. Day Four: Reverse lunge with a slider

Day four of Seven Days of Love. Andy Wight demonstrates how to do a reverse lunge with a slider. Get those legs in shape for summer!

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Seven Days of Love. Day Three: Let’s do a plank

Day three of Seven Days of Love. For the seven days leading up to Valentine's Day, Andy Wight from AW Strength & Conditioning will demonstrate a simple exercise. Join us!

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Seven Days of Love. Day 2: How to do a push-up

Want to get in shape, but can't get to the gym? Follow Catching Health and AW Strength & Conditioning for Seven Days of Love. Every day a simple exercise.

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Seven Days of Love: Learn one easy exercise every day

Every day for the next seven days (ending on Valentine's Day) trainer Andy Wight is going to demonstrate a simple exercise. We call it Seven Days of Love.

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Feeling stronger, feeling sore! Join me in my discomfort zone

After four weeks of working with Andy Wight, my personal trainer, I'm sore, but I feel stronger. Follow my progress — in my discomfort zone.

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You, too, want to be stronger? Join me in my discomfort zone

How working with a personal trainer is taking me inside my discomfort zone. It's also making me stronger. Follow my workouts.

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Why we lose our motivation to exercise and how to get it back

There are two main reasons why people lose their motivation to exercise. Learn what they are and get some help finding your motivation again.

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Six ways to boost your metabolism when cold weather cuts into your exercise routine

Have you ever used winter as an excuse not to exercise? John Turrell, Wellness Coordinator for YMCA of Southern Maine, offers some tips on how you can stay warm and still burn some calories.

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Is walking as good for you as running?

Is walking as good for you as running? I asked physical therapist Mary Kroth-Brunet, from Back in Motion Physical Therapy.

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How physical therapy can help people suffering the after effects of a concussion

Bobby Cochrane is a physical therapist who works with people who have post-concussion syndrome. Find out how physical therapy can help someone with a concussion.

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Being in a wheelchair hasn’t prevented these people from playing an energetic game of tennis

Adaptive sports give new life to many people with a variety of disabilities. That includes wheelchair tennis, a program offered by Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation.

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Is the 7-minute workout the best exercise?

To solve time and motivation problems, exercise specialists promote the 7-Minute Workout. But, this is May in New England. The best time to get out and walk!

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Do not do this before you exercise!

Do you like to exercise hard? Do you need to take ibuprofen before you work out? Here are some reasons why you shouldn't.

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Seven easy ways to exercise your brain and sharpen your memory

Worried because you forget things? Why you left the room? Where you put your glasses? A name? An appointment? Time to do a little exercise!

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Over 65? In agony because of joint pain? Take a look at the advances in joint replacement surgery

People with severe joint pain have treatment options that weren’t available even 10 years ago. The primary goals are still: relieve pain and increase mobility.

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Sick and tired of, well … everything? Slow down and explore the surprising benefits of t’ai chi

If you look at the research, you'll discover that practicing t'ai chi can do you a world of good. From improving balance to helping to relieve pain.

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Want to get fit without working out? Step to the tune of these audacious women!

Every week these women strap on their tap shoes and dance, dance, dance! They're all over 60.

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Put a little fun in your life. Go dancing!

Joan Overton has been dancing nearly all her life. She just turned 82. It's just a number she says as she twirls around the dance floor.

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Contemplating while you exercise is good for your body and your mind

November and December can be difficult months for outdoor exercise, and many people lose their motivation. We're here to help!

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Who says 90 is too old to exercise? Not these men!

Being active is key to feeling young and healthy. We know that. And so do these three gentlemen, all in their nineties.

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Decade by decade. How to keep your body strong and agile

Whether you're 20 or 90, it's important to be physically active. Physical therapist Mike Moras has some tips to get you started.

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You can’t run like you used to, but you may still be able to run!

You ran like a gazelle when you were younger, but it's been years and now, you often feel clunky and stiff. How about some good advice and motivation?

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How to be a champion like Julia Clukey (No need to ride a luge)

Imagine that you have trudged to the top of your favorite sliding hill. A deep breath and down you fly — sitting or stretched out on your belly. Your choice.

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What Makes a Healthy Maine Street?

Everywhere you look, people are trying to eat better, lose weight, get rid of stress ... they're tired of feeling tired and overwhelmed and just plain unhealthy.

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Preventing Falls: What Fran learned about lowering her risk of falling

Hightailing it isn't a good thing to do if you're at risk of falling. Neither is forgetting to take your blood pressure pill or leaving your cane in the car.

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Preventing falls: It’s a Matter of Balance

Many elderly people limit activities because they're afraid of falling. A Matter of Balance offers practical advice to reduce fear and get people moving again.

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Movement therapy helps you become more aware of your body and more in control of your life

USM School of Music and Kate Beever, music therapist at Maine Music and Health showcase music/movement/dance and other creative arts therapies used in healthcare.

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