Easy ways to add a healthy new vegetable — seaweed — to your diet

Why add seaweed to your diet? It's loaded with nutrients. And don't turn up your nose if you've never tried it! Check out these great tips and recipes.

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Who says baby food can’t be delicious and healthy?

Trying to make healthy food choices for your baby? So are my daughter and son-in-law. See how they're doing and try out one of their favorite baby food recipes.

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A recipe for sweet potato, coconut and chipotle soup from El Rayo Taqueria

Looking for a soup that will take the chill off? Try this recipe for sweet potato, coconut and chipotle soup from El Rayo Taqueria. It'll warm you up!

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A recipe for yummy blueberry banana pancakes, compliments of MAND

When cold winter winds whip around it's the perfect time for homemade pancakes. A recipe from the food experts at the Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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Using medical marijuana in a recipe for Lobster Primavera with Spring Peas and Marscapone

Some people who use medical marijuana would prefer to eat it rather that smoke it. Wellness Connection of Maine has a recipe for Lobster Primavera and some tips.

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A recipe for cranberry treats — the perfect thing to bake for your special valentine

Bake something delicious for your Valentine. Try this recipe for Cranberry Treats, compliments of Tin Pan Bakery.

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Greek Seven-Layer Dip from the American Heart Association

A heart healthy recipe for a yummy seven-layer dip. Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday!

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Two delicious mocktail recipes from Vena’s Fizz House

Recipes for two delicious mocktails, compliments of Vena's Fizz House in Portland, Maine.

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Frontier in Brunswick shares a recipe for mouth-watering fish tacos

Looking for something different to cook? How about some fish tacos? This week's Catching Health recipe is compliments of Frontier in Brunswick, Maine. Enjoy!

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Can a Mediterranean diet keep your brain from shrinking as you age?

A new study suggests a link between eating a Mediterranean diet and brain shrinkage. We have some details in this blog post.

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A delicious recipe for crock pot chicken stew

Chicken stew — a great meal for a cold winter's day. Get the recipe and some healthy tips from weight loss coach Lisa Prince.

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A recipe from Plant IQ for Peppery Pumpkin, Corn and Bean Soup

If you're trying to eat a whole foods plant-based diet, you'll want to learn more about Plant IQ. And you'll want to try this hearty soup recipe.

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A Hanukkah recipe for potato latkes

Jill Silander shares her recipe for potato latkes. A Hanukkah tradition that can be enjoyed any time of year.

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Smoked chicken, barley and winter squash soup, compliments of Duckfat

A recipe from Duckfat, one of my favorite Portland (ME) eating spots. Whenever my brother Patrick visits from San Francisco, Duckfat is always on his itinerary!

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Make this fun recipe with your kids: Mini Chocolate Ganache Tarts

A holiday recipe from Measuring Up! Cooking for Kids — Michele Howard's cooking school for kids in Scarborough, Maine. You can make it with your kids.

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World AIDS Day. Yes, HIV/AIDS still exists, even in New England

It may not be the epidemic it once was in the United States, but people are still living with and being diagnosed with HIV and AIDS. That's why Frannie Peabody Center in Maine still provides services and still hosts World AIDS Day events.

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Honey apple torte: A recipe for Thanksgiving

This honey apple torte recipe always gets high marks in my family. Technically, it's a dessert but I confess, I just had a slice for breakfast.

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St. Joseph’s College does more than deliver degrees. It also delivers free range turkeys (and some Thanksgiving recipes)

Guess where we're getting our Thanksgiving turkey this year. From St. Joseph's College! And they're also sharing some of their Thanksgiving recipes.

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Food that’s good for people with diabetes is good for everyone. Like this recipe for Corn and Black Bean Burritos

Whether you have diabetes or not, you should eat moderate portions of nutrition-rich foods. Don't forget your vegetables, which you'll find in this Corn and Black Bean recipe.

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MaineHealth gets a national award for its commitment to serve healthy (and tasty) meals to patients and employees

MaineHealth made a commitment to offer healthier food options. It just got a national award for its efforts from the Partnership for a Healthier America.

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A recipe for Popeye’s Mac and Cheese compliments of Wayside Food Programs

Wayside Food Programs provides delicious healthy food to Maine people in need. They shared a favorite comfort food recipe — mac and cheese with a healthy twist.

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Moroccan Carrot Soup and Magic Mineral Broth™: Recipes from The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen

Research linking what you eat to the occurrence, treatment, and recurrence of cancer has exploded. Rebecca Katz shares some soup recipes from her cookbook The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen.

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A bone-strengthening recipe for spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Try this recipe for spinach ricotta cannelloni. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends it for its bone-strengthening ingredients.

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You’ve got to try this birthday recipe for chocolate beet cupcakes!

A recipe for delicious chocolate beet cupcakes to celebrate a birthday and the launch of a beautiful new design for the Catching Health blog.

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Make sure to follow these simple safety tips when you’re cooking outdoors

Fall is here, but there is still plenty of time left to enjoy eating outside. Here are a few simple tips for handling and storing food so you can enjoy your fall picnic safely.

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Where you can pick apples in Maine

A list of some Maine orchards that let you pick your own apples. It's a great way to spend a late summer/early fall afternoon.

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What to do with all of those tomatoes! Try this recipe for tomato mostarda

If your garden is overflowing with tomatoes and you're looking for some cooking inspiration, try this recipe for Tomato Mostarda.

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A salad recipe that’s meant to soothe an irritable bowel

If you often get a belly ache after eating certain foods, you might have irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. For some relief, try this FODMAP salad recipe.

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What you may not know about blueberries plus a smoothie recipe you’re sure to love

They're considered a superfood and they're super delicious. I'm talking about blueberries! Learn some interesting facts and get a delicious smoothie recipe.

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The garden is bursting with basil, so let’s make some pesto!

Don't know what to do with all the basil that's ready for picking? Why not make this delicious pesto recipe.

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Where You Can Pick Blueberries in Maine

If you want to go blueberry picking in Maine this summer, you're in luck! Check out the Catching Health list of where you can pick blueberries in Maine.

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