Let’s talk about eating disorders — what they are and how they can be treated

Eating disorders are complex and often dangerous illnesses. Learn about the most common eating disorders and what to do if you're worried you or someone you know has one.

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What should you do when you miss two weeks of exercise?

After being sick and missing two weeks of exercise I was tempted to give up. Thanks to my trainer's good advice, I'm back on track.

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Scientists at MDI Biological Laboratory discover a tiny molecule that may be able to heal a damaged heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death around the world. At a research lab on the coast of Maine, scientists have discovered a tiny molecule that shows great promise for damaged hearts.

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Fitness for life: Maintaining your vitality

If you already follow a fitness program, good for you. But if you don't, it's time to get started. We're here to provide some motivation.

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Beyond skill — how communication, collaboration, and coordination helped save my life

Sally Loughridge Busch had a stroke while driving her car. She doubts that she would have recovered or even survived without a network of caring, committed people.

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Enter now for a chance to win a prize AND share some love!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Catching Health is having a contest. Check out the beautiful prizes, each designed to help you connect with someone special.

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Feeling stronger, feeling sore! Join me in my discomfort zone

After four weeks of working with Andy Wight, my personal trainer, I'm sore, but I feel stronger. Follow my progress — in my discomfort zone.

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Using Myers-Briggs to understand the connection between your personality and how you handle stress

Your way of handling stress may not be mine. Knowing the difference can help, especially in the midst of a crisis. One possibly useful tool: Myers-Briggs.

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Zebrafish may hold the answer to why early life stress can make you sick when you’re an adult

Scientists at MDI Biological Laboratory are using zebrafish to figure out exactly what happens when embryos are exposed to elevated levels of stress hormones.

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Alfond Foundation gives major grant to St. Joseph’s College to expand its nursing program

St. Joseph's College plans to expand its nursing program and create a Center for Nursing Excellence. It just got a major boost from the Harold Alfond Foundation.

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You, too, want to be stronger? Join me in my discomfort zone

How working with a personal trainer is taking me inside my discomfort zone. It's also making me stronger. Follow my workouts.

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Can a Mediterranean diet keep your brain from shrinking as you age?

A new study suggests a link between eating a Mediterranean diet and brain shrinkage. We have some details in this blog post.

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A young man’s struggle with mental illness and why today he’s in a better frame of mind

In 2011, at the age of 19, Logan Price was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Now he helps others by sharing his story — the challenges and the successes.

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Why we need to talk about what we want at the end of life (and how to begin)

People are starting to see that they have options and that they can make good choices at the end of life. They're looking at how to spend their last days.

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Why we lose our motivation to exercise and how to get it back

There are two main reasons why people lose their motivation to exercise. Learn what they are and get some help finding your motivation again.

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Desperate to end your obsession with food?

Whether they overeat or undereat, food addicts are obsessed with food. Read about one solution that has helped many people finally recover from food addiction.

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How Jen Boggs managed to rock her 2016 New Year’s resolution

Still looking for some New Year's resolution ideas and inspiration? Stop right now and read what Jen Boggs accomplished in 2016. High five, Jen!

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From me to you

However and whenever you celebrate the holiday season, I hope yours is filled with joy and love.

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Six ways to boost your metabolism when cold weather cuts into your exercise routine

Have you ever used winter as an excuse not to exercise? John Turrell, Wellness Coordinator for YMCA of Southern Maine, offers some tips on how you can stay warm and still burn some calories.

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Frostbite: What you need to know

When the thermometer dips below freezing, even a few minutes outside can put you at risk of frostbite. Catching Health shares some frostbite dos and don'ts.

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The difference between grieving and suffering

The holidays can be especially difficult for people who have lost someone dear — no matter how it happened. If you're having a hard time, I hope this helps.

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Busting six myths about adopting a foster child in Maine

Right now, 100 children in foster care in Maine hope to be adopted by loving families. Think you're not up to it? A bit of myth busting may change your mind.

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How electroacupuncture helps relieve some of the most common PTSD symptoms

Turning flashbacks into memories you can choose to think of or not. That's the goal of a treatment that uses electroacupuncture to help people recover from PTSD.

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Six tips for a healthy holiday mouth

All those goodies that get eaten over the holidays aren't so great for your teeth. Check out these healthy dental tips.

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It is a cold or the flu and why does it matter?

If you're lucky, whether you have a cold or the flu, you'll recover with no problems. Sometimes, though, the flu can cause serious complications.

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Some tips on keeping your brain (and memory) in top shape

Getting old and possibly losing your memories is a frightening thought. I'm encouraged by research that shows our brains may be more resilient than we think.

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The story of a mother and her young son and their fight against Lyme Disease

Miles Zelasko was probably born with Lyme Disease. He wasn't diagnosed until he was six, soon after his mother Celeste was diagnosed. This is their story.

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Integrated care: One insurance company’s perspective on managing diabetes

Diabetes is a growing problem. In this guest post, an insurance company says an integrated approach to managing diabetes will improve outcomes and lower costs.

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Checking off your holiday gift list? Check out this 10 Worst Toys list first

World Against Toys Causing Harm just released its 2016 "10 Worst Toys" list. One item is a cuddly elephant pillow and another a doll that plays peek-a-boo. Hazardous? Yes. Find out why.

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Earl’s 5K for MSA raises more than $8000 for research into this rare disease

The first annual Earl's 5K for MSA drew a big crowd and raised a lot of money for multiple system atrophy (MSA). What's that? Read more on the Catching Health blog.

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Mumps making the rounds on college campuses in Maine and New Hampshire

Why are college students at risk for mumps? How is it spread? What are the symptoms? I provide some answers on the WCSH6 Morning Report.

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