How to be a champion like Julia Clukey (No need to ride a luge)

Source: Pond5 Imagine that you have trudged to the top of your favorite sliding hill. You take a deep breath and down you fly — sitting or stretched out on your belly. Your choice. […]

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What Makes a Healthy Maine Street?

Courtesy Maine Downtown Center Everywhere you look, people are trying to move more, eat better, lose weight, get rid of stress … they’re tired of feeling tired and overwhelmed and just plain unhealthy. Trouble is, when you’re going it alone, like many people do, it can become too much of a challenge and next thing you know you’re back where you started. […]

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Preventing Falls: What Fran Learned About Lowering Her Risk of Falling

Patti League from MaineHealth helps Fran Paris try out a walking stick. Fran Paris, who is 79, has a balance problem and tries to keep herself steady so that she doesn’t fall. When she noticed that Woodford’s Congregational Church was offering a Fall Risk Screening Event to help people learn more about their risks, she hightailed it over there. […]

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Preventing Falls: It’s a Matter of Balance

At the age of 89, Barbara Stetson has finally learned to slow down at bit. That doesn’t mean she limits what she does, just that she doesn’t rush around like she used to. “I had seven children,” she explains. “I raised them alone. I played piano in restaurants and a lot of church music on Sundays. That’s how I supported my children.  I was always multi-tasking. I went dashing from one place to another and I got so I always did things fast. I’ve now learned to slow down.” […]

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Movement therapy helps you become more aware of your body and more in control of your life

USM School of Music and Kate Beever, music therapist at Maine Music and Health showcase music/movement/dance and other creative arts therapies used in healthcare.

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Buckle your helmets ladies. Olive Spankins is going to teach you how to skate like a roller derby pro!

Source: Lisa BassettPhoto Credit: Brianne Seekins As far back as she can remember Lisa Bassett loved to roller skate. Her mother Linda Clark was always chauffeuring Lisa and her friends to the local rink. Never an invitation to join them, of course. It was just, “Drop us off and pick us up Mom!” Decades later, it was Lisa who coaxed her mother, now in her sixties, into letting her teach her how to skate — roller derby style! You see, Lisa grew up to be a roller derby jammer. From 2006 to 2010, she played in the Maine Roller Derby League. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably recognize her derby name — Olive Spankins. […]

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Feeling too grumpy or stressed out to exercise? Think again!

A little exercise can go a long way in reducing stress and making you feel good, along with its many other health benefits — improving/maintaining physical fitness, preventing disease and treating symptoms.  […]

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How Yoga Helps People with Parkinson’s Disease

Elizabeth Burd is a Parkinson’s Superstar. Seriously. During Parkinson’s Awareness month in 2012, the National Parkinson’s Foundation honored people from around the country, including Elizabeth, who make a difference in the Parkinson’s community. […]

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Phenomenal Fitness in Your 40s and 50s!

If you think that just because you are middle-aged your best years of fitness and fun are behind you ... think again! Here are some stories about people who are finding their “inner athlete.”

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Running in the Rain at the Vermont City Marathon

The weather in Burlington, Vermont Sunday was dreadful. A steady downpour and a chilly wind, but that didn’t deter the thousands of people lined up to run or watch the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon and Relay. About 8000 runners participated in the 25th annual 26.2 mile race — around 3,200 full-course runners and 4,800 relay runners. Courtesy RunVermont […]

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Derby Lite: Buckle Your Helmets Ladies

Three times in the past three weeks I have fallen hard on my rear end. And yet, I keep going back for more. Am I a masochist? Am I losing my mind? Nope, I’m in a beginner Derby Lite Class with a whole bunch of other women who just want to get some exercise that’s fun and different. Woman in light blue shirt, far left, with circle of light over her heart — that’s me! […]

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The Benefits of Exercise for People with Parkinson’s Disease

If you’re not familiar with Parkinson’s disease, it’s a chronic and progressive movement disorder that affects about one million people in this country. According to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, the cause is unknown, but involves vital neurons in the brain that no longer function properly or have died. There is no cure right now, but symptoms can be managed with medication and/or surgery. […]

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37 Pushups and Counting

How many pushups can you do in 90 seconds? Cheryl Palmieri can do at least 37. That’s a huge accomplishment, because until a few years ago she had never done one. In her entire life. … 37 … […]

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Cirque du Soleil: Could you be a performer?

I think it’s safe to say I’ll never be a circus performer. I got to watch Cirque du Soleil performers practice their acts this week, and over and over again my mouth just hung open in amazement. How on earth do they do those flips or catch someone flying in mid-air while standing on the shoulders of a performer who’s standing on the shoulders of another performer? The stamina, the strength, the courage it must take. Practice, practice […]

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Dance, Dance, Dance

Want to lose some weight? Reduce some stress? Have some fun? Then dance, dance, dance! Seriously. […]

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The Secret Life of Swimmers

Amazing! I was at the lake for our annual family reunion for just one week and managed to pack on five pounds. Five pounds! Sure, we lounged about in the sunshine and ate well and constantly. But, we also went for kayak rides, swam, and danced. Apparently, not enough to burn off all the extra calories. Indulge me for a moment as I reminisce about morning pancakes, frittata, and bacon; the pork loin we had one night and the lobster feast we had the next; homemade lasagna, spicy chili, and pizzas on the grill; Mexican meatballs and cilantro salsa; gallons of ice cream. What a delicious week! […]

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Learning How to Walk for Life

I first met Gretchen Langner in the early 90s, when I did a story for WCSH-TV about the Feldenkrais Method. Gretchen is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner who has taught not only in Maine, but around the world. […]

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Get Up From That Chair!

I am trying something new.  Instead of working at my computer for hours on end I am scheduling regular breaks. My goal is to set the timer on my phone to go off after one hour. I’ll work for an hour, take a break, then sit down at the computer for another hour. I say goal because even though I did great all day yesterday, this morning I screwed up first thing. Yup, even though it’s today’s blog topic, I forgot to set the timer!  It’s on now though — 55:22 minutes left until my next break! […]

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Boost Your Memory: Take a Walk

Think you could manage a brisk walk 40 minutes a day, three days a week?  If you can, it might improve your memory. A new study backs up earlier research that demonstrated a strong connection between fitness levels and the size of the hippocampus. Huh? […]

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