Seven Days of Love: Learn one easy exercise every day

Every day for the next seven days (ending on Valentine's Day) trainer Andy Wight is going to demonstrate a simple exercise. We call it Seven Days of Love.

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Feeling stronger, feeling sore! Join me in my discomfort zone

After four weeks of working with Andy Wight, my personal trainer, I'm sore, but I feel stronger. Follow my progress — in my discomfort zone.

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You, too, want to be stronger? Join me in my discomfort zone

How working with a personal trainer is taking me inside my discomfort zone. It's also making me stronger. Follow my workouts.

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Why we lose our motivation to exercise and how to get it back

There are two main reasons why people lose their motivation to exercise. Learn what they are and get some help finding your motivation again.

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Six ways to boost your metabolism when cold weather cuts into your exercise routine

Have you ever used winter as an excuse not to exercise? John Turrell, Wellness Coordinator for YMCA of Southern Maine, offers some tips on how you can stay warm and still burn some calories.

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Is walking as good for you as running?

Is walking as good for you as running? I asked physical therapist Mary Kroth-Brunet, from Back in Motion Physical Therapy.

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How physical therapy can help people suffering the after effects of a concussion

Bobby Cochrane is a physical therapist who works with people who have post-concussion syndrome. Find out how physical therapy can help someone with a concussion.

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Being in a wheelchair hasn’t prevented these people from playing an energetic game of tennis

Adaptive sports give new life to many people with a variety of disabilities. That includes wheelchair tennis, a program offered by Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation.

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Is the 7-minute workout the best exercise?

To solve time and motivation problems, exercise specialists promote the 7-Minute Workout. But, this is May in New England. The best time to get out and walk!

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Do not do this before you exercise!

Do you like to exercise hard? Do you need to take ibuprofen before you work out? Here are some reasons why you shouldn't.

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Seven easy ways to exercise your brain and sharpen your memory

Worried because you forget things? Why you left the room? Where you put your glasses? A name? An appointment? Time to do a little exercise!

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Over 65? In agony because of joint pain? Take a look at the advances in joint replacement surgery

This post is sponsored by Spectrum Medical Group.  rudyanderson / Pixabay In 2011, the first baby boomers started turning age 65. On average, they are living longer, more active lives than their parents’ generation. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the same aches and pains and maladies. Arthritis, for instance, is still a significant cause of joint pain and loss of mobility in people 65 and older. […]

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Sick and tired of, well … everything? Slow down and explore the surprising benefits of t’ai chi

If you look at the research, you'll discover that practicing t'ai chi can do you a world of good. From improving balance to helping to relieve pain.

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Want to get fit without working out? Step to the tune of these audacious women!

Every week these women strap on their tap shoes and dance, dance, dance! They're all over 60.

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Put a little fun in your life. Go dancing!

Joan Overton has been dancing nearly all her life. She just turned 82. I don’t know what I expected when I agreed to meet her at her weekly dance class, but when she was pointed out to me I was surprised. I grabbed a quick photo of her practicing the Foxtrot. Looking stylish in a leopard print top and low-heeled, open-toed dancing shoes, she is as graceful and limber as a much younger woman. […]

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Contemplating while you exercise is good for your body and your mind

Guest post by John Turrell, Wellness Coordinator, Greater Portland Branch, YMCA of Southern Maine. Who didn’t want to exercise outdoors this fall? September and October were beautiful this year. There were so many sunny, cool fall days to spend outside running, walking, or hiking. The fall foliage was colorful and visually stimulating. It was hard to resist spending as much time as possible outside. […]

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Who says 90 is too old to exercise? Not these men!

Do you have trouble fitting exercise into your life? Join the club. Sometimes, everything else comes first. And yet, being active can be key to feeling young and healthy. I know that. You know that. And so do the three gentlemen I met in the Fit to Live exercise group at the South Portland Recreation Center. All in shape, all active, all in their 90s. […]

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Decade by decade. How to keep your body strong and agile

Whether you're 20 or 90, it's important to be physically active. Physical therapist Mike Moras has some tips to get you started.

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You can’t run like you used to, but you may still be able to run!

Source: Pond5 You ran like a gazelle when you were younger, but it’s been years and now, you often feel clunky and stiff. Why, even getting in and out of the car or up from your chair is a challenge. […]

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How to be a champion like Julia Clukey (No need to ride a luge)

Source: Pond5 Imagine that you have trudged to the top of your favorite sliding hill. You take a deep breath and down you fly — sitting or stretched out on your belly. Your choice. […]

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What Makes a Healthy Maine Street?

Courtesy Maine Downtown Center Everywhere you look, people are trying to move more, eat better, lose weight, get rid of stress … they’re tired of feeling tired and overwhelmed and just plain unhealthy. Trouble is, when you’re going it alone, like many people do, it can become too much of a challenge and next thing you know you’re back where you started. […]

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Preventing Falls: What Fran Learned About Lowering Her Risk of Falling

Patti League from MaineHealth helps Fran Paris try out a walking stick. Fran Paris, who is 79, has a balance problem and tries to keep herself steady so that she doesn’t fall. When she noticed that Woodford’s Congregational Church was offering a Fall Risk Screening Event to help people learn more about their risks, she hightailed it over there. […]

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Preventing Falls: It’s a Matter of Balance

At the age of 89, Barbara Stetson has finally learned to slow down at bit. That doesn’t mean she limits what she does, just that she doesn’t rush around like she used to. “I had seven children,” she explains. “I raised them alone. I played piano in restaurants and a lot of church music on Sundays. That’s how I supported my children.  I was always multi-tasking. I went dashing from one place to another and I got so I always did things fast. I’ve now learned to slow down.” […]

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Movement therapy helps you become more aware of your body and more in control of your life

USM School of Music and Kate Beever, music therapist at Maine Music and Health showcase music/movement/dance and other creative arts therapies used in healthcare.

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Buckle your helmets ladies. Olive Spankins is going to teach you how to skate like a roller derby pro!

Source: Lisa BassettPhoto Credit: Brianne Seekins As far back as she can remember Lisa Bassett loved to roller skate. Her mother Linda Clark was always chauffeuring Lisa and her friends to the local rink. Never an invitation to join them, of course. It was just, “Drop us off and pick us up Mom!” Decades later, it was Lisa who coaxed her mother, now in her sixties, into letting her teach her how to skate — roller derby style! You see, Lisa grew up to be a roller derby jammer. From 2006 to 2010, she played in the Maine Roller Derby League. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably recognize her derby name — Olive Spankins. […]

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Feeling too grumpy or stressed out to exercise? Think again!

A little exercise can go a long way in reducing stress and making you feel good, along with its many other health benefits — improving/maintaining physical fitness, preventing disease and treating symptoms.  […]

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How Yoga Helps People with Parkinson’s Disease

Elizabeth Burd is a Parkinson’s Superstar. Seriously. During Parkinson’s Awareness month in 2012, the National Parkinson’s Foundation honored people from around the country, including Elizabeth, who make a difference in the Parkinson’s community. […]

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Aerial Yoga: A whole new experience

Guest post by Nicole Avery, owner of  Zone 3 Fitness, Scarborough, Maine If you’ve always wanted to fly through the air with the greatest of ease …  […]

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Phenomenal Fitness in Your 40s and 50s!

Guest post by Nicole Avery  Owner, Zone 3 Fitness If you think that just because you are middle-aged your best years of fitness and fun are behind you … think again! Here are some stories about people who are finding their “inner athlete” and using their middle years to get into the best shape of their lives and having fun doing it!  They all work out at Zone 3 Fitness and recently participated in the Tough Mountain Challenge at Sunday River. […]

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Running in the Rain at the Vermont City Marathon

The weather in Burlington, Vermont Sunday was dreadful. A steady downpour and a chilly wind, but that didn’t deter the thousands of people lined up to run or watch the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon and Relay. About 8000 runners participated in the 25th annual 26.2 mile race — around 3,200 full-course runners and 4,800 relay runners. Courtesy RunVermont […]

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Derby Lite: Buckle Your Helmets Ladies

Three times in the past three weeks I have fallen hard on my rear end. And yet, I keep going back for more. Am I a masochist? Am I losing my mind? Nope, I’m in a beginner Derby Lite Class with a whole bunch of other women who just want to get some exercise that’s fun and different. Woman in light blue shirt, far left, with circle of light over her heart — that’s me! […]

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