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How physical therapy can help people suffering the after effects of a concussion

Bobby Cochrane is a physical therapist who works with people who have post-concussion syndrome. Find out how physical therapy can help someone with a concussion.

Moroccan Carrot Soup and Magic Mineral Broth™: Recipes from The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen

Research linking what you eat to the occurrence, treatment, and recurrence of cancer has exploded. Rebecca Katz shares some soup recipes from her cookbook The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen.

Why a colonoscopy is still the gold standard for preventing colon cancer

Colonoscopies save lives because virtually all colon cancers start out as benign polyps. Colonoscopy is not colon cancer detection, it's colon cancer prevention. Read more.

How the tiny zebrafish helped a Bar Harbor scientist get us one step closer to effective treatments for a painful nerve disorder — peripheral neuropathy

About 20 million people in the U.S. have peripheral neuropathy. Sandra Rieger, PhD., a scientist at the MDI Biological Laboratory, recently discovered where and how it begins.

Tips from parents on how to stay healthy with a new baby in the house

When you're pregnant, you try to be as healthy as possible for your baby's sake. After the baby is born, staying healthy can be a challenge. Some tips from new parents.

Health experts say no to the nasal spray flu vaccine this year but kids still need a flu shot

Public health experts no longer recommend a common nasal spray flu vaccine for children because it's not effective. If you're worried that your child hates shots so you'll skip a flu shot this year, read this.

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What you might not know about osteoporosis. Listen to the latest research

Are you at risk for osteoporosis? Are you confused about how to treat or prevent it? In this podcast, Diane asks researcher Dr. Clifford Rosen for some answers.

Dementia forced me to learn how to love my mother in a whole new way

A few years ago, my mother was diagnosed with dementia. In this Catching Health podcast, I share some communication tips I've learned — often the hard way.

For the love of our father my family joined forces in a battle against alcohol

My father died in 2009. He might have died years sooner if not for a decision our family made. Not everyone would agree with our approach, but it worked for us.

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